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'The Sack of Bath' By Sir John Betjeman

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analogueandy is a group administrator analogueandy says:

Sir John wrote in 1973 about the demolition of the original Southgate and what was erected in it's place..

Proud City of Bath with your crescents and squares,
Your hoary old Abbey and playbills and chairs,
Your plentiful chapels where preachers would preach
(And a different doctrine expounded in each),
Your gallant Assemblies where squires took their daughters,
Your medicinal springs where their wives took the waters,
The comely young faces of buildings and wenches,
The cobbled back streets with their proves and stenches -
How varied and human did Bath then appear
As the roar of the Avon rolled up from the weir.

In those days of course there was not so much taste
But now there's much it has all run to waste
In working out methods of cutting down cost -
So that mouldings, proportion and texture are lost
In a uniform nothingness. (This I first find in the terrible 'Tech'
with it's pointed behind.)

Now houses are 'units', and people are digits
And Bath has been planned into quarters for midgets.
Official designs are aggressively neuter,
The Puritan work of an eyeless computer.

Goodbye to old Bath. We who loved you are sorry
They've carted you off by developer's lorry.
11:25AM, 26 January 2007 PST (permalink)

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