olivgrau PRO 7:04am, 17 December 2014
Hi there.

I just recognised, I only got about 316 photos in the group pool. So now I add the missing shots to the group pool ... six a day!

Maybe you want to check this too?

Go to ORGANIZE via YOU and select GROUPS. Then switch to our group and set the hook at SHOW ONLY MY PICS and check the item number.

linda_lou2 PRO 3 years ago
Thank you for the information! I just checked mine and discovered 4 were missing. I've added them so now I'm all caught up.
ellenmac11 PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ellenmac11 (member) 3 years ago
Thanks very much for this information!!! I just had a wonderful time combing through all my monthly albums and comparing them with the thumbnails this generated. I found my five missing shots and posted them just now.
BTW, my newish 2nd monitor made this job much easier. I opened one album at a time on one screen and the organizer for this group on the other.
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