kostolany244 PRO 6:01pm, 26 October 2014
Please scream "here" if you are still hanging in this crazy ride with us.
kostolany244 PRO 4 years ago
olivgrau PRO 4 years ago
Kristoffersonschach PRO 4 years ago
I am still here, since 664 days. (Since 1.1. 2013)
Elle.365 4 years ago
still here
timtam_aus PRO 4 years ago
timtam_aus PRO 4 years ago
me too!
linda_lou2 PRO 4 years ago
Here! Haven't missed a day.
pikespice PRO 4 years ago
It's getting harder, but I'm still here!
NFURNO PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by NFURNO (member) 4 years ago
Here! Hanging on...
MMelissa. 4 years ago
I'm here but haven't been able to post everyday. Trying to catch up. Thanks for hanging on everyone! Keep motivating!
bztraining PRO 4 years ago
houndstooth4 PRO 4 years ago
Still here! :)
he-sk 4 years ago
Still here. Have 3 weeks of posting to do.
ellenmac11 PRO 4 years ago
Still here. I've mostly done the photos, but I feel bad because I haven't taken the time to make comments on other photos. Or participate in the weekly activities.
SoCal Mark PRO 3 years ago
Still in, and only one more to go. Really appreciate the comments, tips and overall support of the "365: The 2014 Edition" community. Looking forward to closing this out tomorrow, and continuing to learn and grow with my photography. Wishing you all the best!!! Keep shooting.
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