olivgrau PRO 9:57am, 23 August 2014
Hi there! I'm taking over this week! :-)

Week 35 starts sunday 24th of august and ends saturday 30th of august.

Some make up their own themes by week, month or even year.

So, let us know what theme you come up for week 35 or what theme you are sticking to right now.

I had the theme numbers for the first 24 days in june:
P365:2014 Mosaic Month 6 June by olivgrau

Our admin kostolany244 goes for colors this year, here's july:
Mosaic July 2014 by kostolany244
olivgrau PRO 4 years ago
okay, my theme this week will be studio gear. I re-arranged my electronic studio last and this weekend, so I'll care to take some decent pictures. I already have taken photos of the stuff in my p365, but not focused a whole week on it. here's the first picture, taken with a 100 mm lens.

236:365 studio by olivgrau
kostolany244 PRO 4 years ago
Still turquoise for me and I finally made something tasty with chocolate.

Day 242
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