olivgrau PRO 9:19pm, 4 May 2014
... participate in the weekly thread and post your photos!!!

hi there.

sorry for being so direct, but i found the amount of answers for the weekly theme thread really sad.

maybe you don't know how to?

here's how i do it. i open the discussion first, then open another tab and got to my flickr account. here i choose the picture and copy the url, change the tab and post the url in [ brackets ]. well, i do it on a pc. maybe it's harder to do by smart phone or tablet.

please don't take this personally!

timtam_aus PRO 4 years ago
Last year I undertook a side challenge to meet the theme at least once per week. This year my side challenge is 100 Macros (100x group) so I'm not working to the themes at all. If I happen to meet the theme by chance I'll post, but it just hasn't happened except maybe once or twice.
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