How Many Left?

Long Road Photography (formerly Aff) 12:19pm, 11 March 2014
I've only just managed to catch up after falling over a month behind with uploads. Feels good. Therefore I also haven't had the chance to catch up on the forum so have no idea how many people are left. Is there many of us left who have managed to have a shot for every day so far?
Rasmus_hald 4 years ago
I am still in the game, although I was lucky to get past friday.

I did get one shot friday, but that was pure luck since I by accident triggered the camera while moving it on a day full of travels.
Better than nothing I suppose!
kostolany244 PRO 4 years ago
I'm *obviously* still here.
Unfortunately you still can't see how many pictures everybody has in the pool. That would be helpful to know who's still active.
Laurent Gallo 4 years ago
Here I am, still in the game! I haven't been spending enough time watching the photos in the group lately, but I am keeping up with the uploads!
Rasmus_hald: that logo on top of the completely black picture is just brilliant!
disnemma 4 years ago
I'm still going strong!
I am Sheep 4 years ago
I've managed so far, lacking a bit of motivation at the moment but refuse to give up and still get a picture in everyday. Actually catching up on four days worth of uploads right now so that I don't get too boggled down with it.
animated chalk [deleted] 4 years ago
I'm just about still here. Almost thrown in the towel every night this week so far!

Keep going, everyone :-)
princesspink 77 4 years ago
I've just played a week of catch ups! Need to get back to uploading daily! Been a hectic week with 3 kids and the hubby away with work!
Keep going all! :D
Love that black shot, that's great, haha!

Glad to see there's still a few going. Must follow you all for the inspiration :-)
Pixeleyes PRO 4 years ago
I'm still in. This is the third time I have started a 365 and the first time I made it out of January.
kostolany244 PRO 4 years ago
Great to see that you're all still here. :)
ellenmac11 PRO 4 years ago
I'm in. I once did 5 years of 365 and missed only 2 days and those were in the last year. So I took a year off. Missed the 365 so came back this year. Already missed one day, but it isn't discouraging me. I'm looking at most of the photos briefly, but don't make many comments because of the hassle of clicking on a photo and then getting back to where I was. I think I will start regarding "favorite" as a "like" and not feel the need to leave comments.
Stuart Beard PRO 4 years ago
Stuart Beard PRO 4 years ago
kostolany244: I can see how many photos everyone has in the pool, but only one at a time...
Stuart Beard PRO 4 years ago
ellenmac11: you can leave comments on the images without opening each one, just click on the speechbubble next to the favourite star...
olivgrau PRO 4 years ago
Still here!
Kristoffersonschach PRO 4 years ago
I am here since January 1 2013; Today its my Picture 448 in a row!
Steve 77 4 years ago
Still going. Only posting every couple of days at the moment because of visitors and shifts at work.
bonnycat PRO 4 years ago
I am still going too this is my fourth attempt. Trying not to get to worked up about it this time using my iPhone a lot more has diffinatly made a huge difference
he-sk 4 years ago
I'm still at it, shooting every day. Though I'd like to look at the pool more often!
Nicole Quinton 4 years ago
I'm still going, and still really enjoying it! This is my first time taking on this challenge, thanks to the encouragement and enthusiasm from Steve 77! I have accidentally missed about 3 days...purely out of brain fade and completely forgetting! However after a moment of kicking myself I figure I can't stop now ..whats a day or 3? Back on the horse! This is great for my photography. I love street urban photography and people. So I'm really enjoying what other people are doing, and seeing everyones ideas. As above, I don't always get time to scroll through the pool as often as I would like. There is some amazing talent in this group! I also love comparing different parts of the world we are all in. Seeing the different seasons, and various culture we are all amongst. We are a living global day to day journey!
I am still playing a bit of catch up. I see we can only load 3 at a time I should be all caught up in about 3 days! Thanks everyone for the inspiration so far ..I look forward to each day!
YvonneKnitsKnots PRO 4 years ago
I'm still going but don't seem to have much time to view everyone's photostream. If I get some time this week I'll come back to this thread and check out what you guys are up to in your photo adventures. I found myself dragging in inspiration the last couple of weeks.
stegdino 4 years ago
still going
Nita.80 4 years ago
I've gotten way behind in uploading thou going ok with taking pics - just work / sleep / work / sleep and got getting my laptop turned on. Will try my best to catch up asap!!
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