therealjoeo 4:51pm, 2 January 2014
Second year in a row for my first photo of the year to be in Explore. Post yours here, too...

New Year's bicycle lesson {1/365} (Explored)
Bokeh - 002/365 - 2nd January 2014

My second photo of the 365, this came a day after a photo I uploaded (not for 365) was in Explore - my first in nearly 6 years! - the day before.
I've yet to get any in explore, well done! Any of you have any suggestions for getting explored?
There's so much information out there about how to get explored but the truth is that there's no hard and fast rules. My photo from the back end of last year is now at 13,000+ views and 350+ favourites compared with one back in 2007 that had just three comments and a handful of favourites. It's bizarre and seems to have nothing to do with quality. I think I've read that things that affect your changes are:

- How many groups you submit to
- Avoiding flashing, blingy awards
- Comments / faves etc

No evidence to support this but I'd also guess that there's some bias about 'friends' vs non-friends commenting and favouriting your photo. Search around and there's lots of theories and even some groups dedicated to it. I've found over my time doing 365's that a lot of 365ers tend to get into explore, maybe it's something to do with frequency of uploads too? Who knows?
therealjoeo 5 years ago
One more in there for Day 3.

Tips: no more than five groups, lots of tags. Also, be in this group!

Cows come home {3/365]
Another one for me too:

Morning Sunrise HDR - 005/365 - 5th January 2014
orange gearle PRO 5 years ago
:: be fearless ::
glaukos PRO 5 years ago
Way to start the new year, each of you!
princesspink 77 5 years ago
Well done everyone! :)
I hit an explore too with day 4 picture!

4 M&Ms
Repeat - 006/365 - 6th January 2014

4 out of last 6 uploads for me which is just stupid.
therealjoeo 5 years ago
I've got another in Explore. They love me in the first week of the year. I expect to be ignored for months after this!

Cold sunset {6/365} (Explored) by therealjoeo
wrightx44 5 years ago
My first EXPLORE on my first pic of the year! Great way to start!

1/365 Oahu Ocean Sunset - 52 Weeks: The Letter K: Karagatan-  [EXPLORED]
Congrats wrightx44 :)

Number 5 for me:

Rough Seas - 007/365 - 7th January 2014 [EXPLORED]
Day 12 made it to Explore !

Dawn in symmetry... | EXPLOREd (13-01-2014)
princesspink 77 Posted 5 years ago. Edited by princesspink 77 (member) 5 years ago
My day 11 made explore too! :)
11 Sunset Clouds
OllyK79 PRO Posted 5 years ago. Edited by OllyK79 (member) 5 years ago
Day 10 made it for me :)
010.365 2014 [explored] by OllyK79
Day 16
Day 18
Licht im Dunkeln | Projekt 365 | Tag 18 [explored]

Explore unexplored
Day 3
Tautropfen | Projekt 365 | Tag 3 [explored]
Day 4
Tomate | Projekt 365 | Tag 4 [explored]
Day 11
Kleine Füßchen | Projekt 365 | Tag 11 [explored]
=Melvin the Satyr= PRO 4 years ago
Was a nice surprise this morning.
23 of 365 (754)
Caz Ann 4 years ago
Day 22. This photo reached the highest of my explore photos ( #22) and has the most views also :))
Zesty ( Explored ~ Thank you )
Caz Ann 4 years ago
Day 14
Welcome ( Explored ~ Thank you )

Day 16
Blue Hour ( Explored ~ Thank you )
Caz Ann 4 years ago
Day 28
Snow on azalea leaves ( Explored ~ Thank you )
=Melvin the Satyr= PRO 4 years ago
I'll be danged if this one didn't slip by me. I had none of the usual hub-bub, but nevertheless, I checked and sure enough. Yay!

21 of 365 (752) [Explored - 21 Jan 2014]
YvonneKnitsKnots PRO 4 years ago
I've had 6 hit explore so far this year. No rhyme or reason why. The kiwi shot has nearly 50,000 views and went as high as #7.
Day 11
Rain Drop (Explore!)

Day 17
Rose (Explore)

Day 18
My brother in law (Explore)

Day 20
Refracted image in a drop

Day 27
Kiwi (Explore)

Day 32
An Open Door (Explore)
Fell behind with uploads and have caught up the last month over the last week or two. Three from the last few days worth of uploads in Explore:

Night Time Lights - 066/365 - 7th March 2014 [EXPLORED]

Jetty HDR - 056/365 - 25th February 2014 [EXPLORED]

T-Bird - 067/365 - 8th March 2014
ellenmac11 PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by ellenmac11 (member) 4 years ago
Day 82 The birthday wish of a 4 year old.
82/365 Rainbow Birthday Cake
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