Long Road Photography (formerly Aff) 8:12am, 1 January 2014
This thread was done last year and it was great to read from people who had completed it previously and new perspectives from people who were attempting it for the first time.

From my own experiences and from what I read the most important things for me are:

1) Get a banker shot first thing in the morning just in case the day gets crazy or the unexpected happens

2) Upload, upload, upload! I faithfully took a photo every day for the first 2-3 months but went away to Tasmania for 10 days and couldn't get internet access. When I got home the motivation vs time thing caused a problem and I fell behind with editing and uploading. I carried on taking shots fully intending to upload but after falling 2-3 weeks behind I simply gave us and one day just didn't bother.

3) Carry my camera everywhere. I have a good smart phone but my sole reason for doing the 365 was to improve as a photographer and I wasn't doing that if I was simply snapping things with my Samsung as I passed.

What tips can you offer for getting your 365 over the finishing line in 2014?
timtam_aus PRO 4 years ago
From my perspective, try to remember it's not 365 masterpieces. Sure you'll have days where you shoot a picture of your clock at 11.59 and feel that it's not worthy of putting on display, but at the end of the year when you look back over your life unfolding through your photos even those last minute shots will be part of YOUR story.
ellenmac11 PRO 4 years ago
Get organized with regard to tags, sets, etc. I found it important to create a set for each month. In case I forgot to upload a photo or send it to the group, the month was easier to deal with than the year to date, especially as we got on into the later parts of the year. I haven't done anything with groups since the big changes came to Flickr, so I'm having to get several things figured out anew.
Don't get very far behind.
Good luck, everyone.
Manadh 4 years ago
Some good tips : ) I actually wrote on my blog about this the other day linky here.

I'm planning on writing a how to guide for each month as well, and posting it just before the start of each month. January's is here.
Kristoffersonschach PRO 4 years ago
1.A thing what helps me is that I told my friends about the project, I sent them the link to the photos and they are following the project on flickr. This is quite a nice motivation.
2. And often I discuss with my family what picture of the day I should upload.
3. And I add a quote (I bought a book with famous quotes) to every picture .
4. If you are not really satisfied with a shot you have uploaded: No problem, next day is coming, yesterday's gone! New chance for a new picture.
5. A macro lens helped me through tough days!
6. Upload every day, don't fall behind!
7. Buy a foto magacine. You will get inspiration.
8. Look at the wonderful pictures from other flickr members. This can give you motivation.
9. Live your project and be open for moments you should cath with your camera.
10. Don't say: This picture I will take later. Take it now!
olivgrau PRO 4 years ago
Hey Aff (formerly Odd Bod), no. 1 is what I also said to me at the beginning! I think that tipp is essential! Let me tell you that, I failed last year after 182 days.

And no. 3 ... of course! I got an iphone, but only as last chance on a day!

Also a good tipp if you're not sure with the weekly theme, search it here on flickr. But don't get annoyed by the really good pictures you'll find!
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