kostolany244 PRO 6:19pm, 20 December 2013
Hi guys!

I'm Julia and I'm one of your hosts for the 2014 365. Neil was very stubborn while convincing me to do the job again but I really like to do it. I just need all the help I can get from you guys concerning weekly theme ideas. :)

Most of you probably know who I am. I'm the crazy one who's doing her fifth 365 in a row in 2014. It seems that I just can't stop to do it anymore although it's hard sometimes and some of my pictures aren't very inspirational. Ah well, I hope it gets better in 2014.
I'm a huge Doctor Who fan as well and I'm a knitter, just to let you know what you can expect from me.

I hope we'll have a great year together with many old and new Flickr friends.
pikespice PRO 5 years ago
I'm David, from Greenville, SC (USA). 2014 will be year 3 for me. I did my 1st 365 from April '08 to April '09, then year 2 was during the 2010 calendar year (and that's where I met Julia... not met met, but met her on Flickr ;) ). Year 2 was a selfie-only 365, and after doing a couple "52 weeks" projects, I'm ready to take the plunge into another 365 (but it'll be a general 365, not just self portraits)

I'm a geocacher (for anyone else here who may be), I love to bowl and I have a toy crab named Bowie who you probably will be seeing during my 365. =)

I'll be turning 40 on May 2, so be sure to save that date on your calendar so you can dedicate your 365 pic to me. ;)
Manadh 5 years ago
I'm Sami from the UK : )
2014 will be my fourth 365 in a row. I think I want to get to five in a row, but I guess we will see how that goes!
Not been into photography that long, 2011 was my first 365 and also my first year with an SLR.

Looking forward to seeing everyones shots on Jan 1st : )
Skley PRO 5 years ago
Hi, im Dennis from Berlin, Germany.
2014 will be my third 365 Project in a row.
In 2014 I will use my IPhone instead of my DSLR to raise the level ;)
Since 2012 I earn my money with photography.
ellenmac11 PRO 5 years ago
I'm Ellen and I live in Decorah, Iowa, USA, a town of 8,000. I did 5 years of 365, missing only 2 shots and those were in the last year. Took a break in 2013 but have come to miss it. The proposed changes to Flickr were distressing to me when they were announced and I haven't posted much. Photos have gone on Facebook instead, but it isn't the same. My challenge will be time management. I want to be a good member of this community, but keep my time on the computer reasonable.
timtam_aus PRO 4 years ago
G'day, Deb from Melbourne Australia. This is my third 365-2011, 2013 and now 2014. This is my way of recording my life so I look at it primarily as a journaling experience and second as a photography experience, but being in a group keeps the momentum up. Looking forward to seeing what the rest of the world is up too.
orange gearle PRO 4 years ago
Hi! I'm recommitting to a 365! I've attempted some, and finished none, but this is going to be my year, right? I just recently upgraded my camera (well, it was upgraded for me, a lovely gift) and I need to learn how to use it! The first 365 I attempted helped me learn so much! I'm also a Doctor fan, and memory keeping (with words, pictures, and pretty paper) is my passion. I am the mother of a 25 year old and a 4 year old, both girls, and I'm also a GRANDMA! (GASP!)

It's great to see some familiar faces here!!!
:-) dona
disnemma 4 years ago
Hello everyone! My name is Emma, and I'm from a small town in Ohio, USA. I'm 15 years old and I love reading, art, knitting, and watching movies from the 1930s and '40s. :) Last year I attempted a 365 but petered out during the summer months, but I'm determined to complete it this year! I am looking to improve my photography skills and learn more about my (fairly) new DSLR. I also hope to meet lots of new friends this year, because we're all in this journey together! Good luck, everyone!
NFURNO PRO 4 years ago
Hello there! Stephen here and this is my first 365 through Flickr groups. I live just outside of Washington, D.C. (on the Maryland side). Not a professional photographer but an avid hobbyist since graduating college quite awhile back. I've been spending most of the past year transferring my archive of photos to my photostream. I hope to make some new friends along the way and push my creativity. Looking forward to 2014!!!
Snapfoolish PRO 4 years ago
Hello, Brent here. I'm joining to give this thing another shot. I have tried previous year with no success. i skipped last year but have noticed that my creativity has suffered. So this could be the year? i hope so. i am from a small town in NC called laurinburg and will be using several different cameras through out the year. i have a 50D, gopro2, XT and on a limited occasion im sure my nokia lumia will make in there. So good luck to all and lets get this done.
Stuart Beard PRO 4 years ago

Stuart from Norwich in England... Just coming to the end of my first 365, chose self portraits as a theme, which has been a stretch creatively! But very pleased to have made it through the year...
Looking forward to more flexibility for myself in 2014
Kristoffersonschach PRO 4 years ago
I come from Austria and I completed my first 365 in 2011. This year - oops, I did it again! And I will do my third 365 in 2014. My english is not too good, I often use a dictionary, but at least I can read and will understand all your nice comments (:-
Stargazergirl PRO 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Lisa and I live in Wiltshire, UK, fairly close to Stonehenge. This is my third attempt at a 365, the first in 2010 lasted until April with the second in 2011 being a lot more successful...

I turned 40 a few days ago and have decided that this is going to be a year for getting things done (though other than this I am not sure what those things are!) I have many, many interests that include Geocaching (although I am a fair weather cacher) and I am also a Doctor Who fan (albeit a mad, slightly obsessive one). I also collect Lego Minifigures, so you may see a theme developing over the course of the year :o)
=Melvin the Satyr= PRO 4 years ago
Howdy folks, my name is Jim and, call me crazy, but I'm in. This will be my third consecutive 365. I had previously decided to stop at two, but I know I'll be taking pictures anyway, so why not keep it going.

I am in a couple groups this year so there will be some overlap and I think the variety of themes will help. Nice to see some familiar faces among the new ones. Two more days...let's do this!
houndstooth4 PRO 4 years ago
Hello! I'm Carrie and this will be my third year in 365. Most of the time, the photos I take are of my dogs, but I dabble in other things once in a while. I'm looking forward to a new year of challenges and trying to improve on my hobby.
Hi all

My name is Mark and I'm an Ex-Pat Brit living in a small town in southern NSW in Australia. This is my fourth attempt at a 365, I've failed for several reasons. Last year I was going really well until I went away on holiday and struggled to catch up with the uploads and editing when I got home. This year WILL be the year.

Recently moved jobs which sees me out and about a lot more instead of being office bound so I'll be lugging my gear and tripod absolutely everywhere with me over the next 12 months. Hope to get to know quite a few of you over the course of 2014.
Elle.365 4 years ago
Hello everybody!

I'm Elle and this will be my very FIRST 365. This seems daunting to me, but I see some of you are veterans -- going on multiple years! Hopefully I will make it. I live near Las Vegas, NV -- there are other cities around there, but no one knows them unless you are a local. It's basically a desert out here.

I want to try to improve my photography and use the "Manual" mode more on my camera this year. Also, it seems over the years the only times I take pictures is when traveling or holiday events (xmas). It would be a good change to take photos of the everyday. Here's to 2014! :)
Gina Bixby 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Gina - this is my first 365 project. It sounds fun, but challenging. I live nearby Portland, Oregon. I need some kind of project like this to keep me shooting, otherwise I go for too long without it. Motivation and inspiration - looking forward to seeing everyone's pictures :)
olivgrau PRO Posted 4 years ago. Edited by olivgrau (moderator) 4 years ago
Hi there!
Oliver from northern germany!
I tried a 365 last year but failed after half a year. I first carried on but then it would not be a P365! So, 365:2014 .... here I come! And thanx to smartphones, I'll have a daily reminder beeping at a certain time of the day! I'll take my Canon EOS 600 D with me where- and whenever I can to get a decent shot for the day in 2014. :-)
Eryl Shields 4 years ago

I'm Eryl, and live in south west Scotland. I attempted my first 365 last year, but didn't complete it. As I stopped making photographs at all once the 365 fell apart I've decided to have another go. I need the impetus of a group to keep my mind on pretty much anything I do, I even forget to eat if left to my own devices. So I hope to start again tomorrow (January 1) hangover notwithstanding, and keep going for the whole year.

I use an Olympus EPL2 (though may have to resort to my phone at times), and tend toward still lifes, but would love to do more landscape photography, and love crumbling buildings. Hoping to do a bit of travelling in 2014, too, so who knows what I'll find to shoot.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's daily shots. Best of luck!
Steve 77 4 years ago
Hi All

I'm Steve from Qatar

Congrats to all those who've just completed a 365 for 2013! I completed my first in 2011 and have failed the last 2 years but am back to give it another whirl. Wishing you all a happy and healthy 2014 and look forward to seeing your pictures as we go!
Skynard Posted 4 years ago. Edited by Skynard (member) 4 years ago
Hi I'm Guy from Somerset UK. Just done my first 365 looking forward to this Year. HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL.
garyjones1959 PRO 4 years ago
Hi I'm Gary, I started a 365 last year and got to June and kind of fizzled out whilst on holiday. Since then I have sold all my Pentax kit and added a bit of cash and bought into Leica M system so count me out of macro and toy lens type themes, the M system lens do not do that sort of thing!
Looking forward to seeing everyones contributions.
Good luck.
TIM R F PRO 4 years ago
Hi Everybody

I am Tim from Glasgow in Scotland. This is my second 365 challenge, just successfully completed 2013 which was in time a challenge but I made it!

Met some great people here and look forward to more great photos to come from you all!

Good luck

punkdocker 4 years ago
Hi I'm Leigh from regional South Australia, staring down the commitment barrel of my first 365 challenge, looking to play and learn from daily practice and inspiration from all of your photos, here's to a wonderful 2014 :)
Victoria Booth PRO 4 years ago
Hi All

I'm Vicky from Leicestershire, UK - I attempted the Daily Shoot a few years back but never made it to the end as the group ended mid way through! So I'm having another go this year - hopefully can stick to it but with a demanding full time job there will probably be a few "duff" shots (probably of the dog :-) ) but looking forward to the challenge!

Happy shooting for 2014
steffibk 4 years ago
Hey there,
I'm Steffi from northern Germany, and this ist my very first 365... It sounds quite challenging, an I'm not sure if I got all of the process, but I will do my very best!
Have a great year!!!!
I am Sheep Posted 4 years ago. Edited by I am Sheep (member) 4 years ago
Hey there,

I'm Jack, I will be turning 23 in April this year and I'm from the northernmost capital of the world, Reykjavík, Iceland. I bought my first DSLR, a Canon eos 400d, in the summer of 2007 and upgraded to a 60d in spring 2012. Regrettably that camera hasn't done much other than collect dust on my shelf despite my avid interest in photography. This is where the 365 comes in.

I attempted a 365 last year but didn't even make it through January; I'm aiming at completing it this time 'round. My biggest struggle last year was the limited hours of daylight we get up here in the winter months, but hopefully I'll be able to overcome this first hurdle. Just expect a fair share of long-exposure nighttime shots from me at first ;-) Alongside the 365 I am doing a 52 week challenge and 100x challenge to assist in keeping my head in the game.

I do also have some interests aside from photography. Mainly I like drawing and I hope to one day write and illustrate children's books. Maybe there'll be some workinprogress shots that'll slip into my 365 on the slower days, hah. I live with both a cockatiel and a girlfriend; they're the ladies in my life and undoubtetly will be making an appearance sometime or other. Then you know, the classic stuff, films, tv shows, cooking, some other stuff, not reading so much unfortunately. Okay, I'm probably not making sense anymore...

Aslo, sheep. There's just something about them, they're fantastic animals. And there's a lot of them in Iceland.

Anyway, nice to meet y'all and look forward to seeing all your shots this coming year!
jorfsphotos PRO 4 years ago
Wow, I'm impressed by how many 365s people have done!! I just thought the other day that I'd give it a go. Being lenient with myself but plan to keep it going even if I miss a few days.... Easy to think about it now, while I'm traveling, have time, taking lots of photographs. I need a little more inspiration when I'm back at home in Massachusetts, USA. Looking forward to inspiration and dedication.
therealjoeo 4 years ago
Hi! Joe from Austin, Texas. This is my third year. I like the challenge of a daily photo. Sometimes the last-minute shots are the best ones. Please add me and we'll cheer each other on!
Reflectorboy 4 years ago
Hello everyone! I'm Jim in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I completed an all film 365 project in 2012, took 2013 off and now ready to try it this time. Nice to meet ya'all!
embem30 PRO 4 years ago
Hi! I'm Emily in San Francisco, and this will be my fifth 365 project. I did one in 2009 (started one week into the year), took the rest of 2010 off, and then decided to begin again in 2011. I guess it's habit now... I have a 14 month-old son, so you'll probably see a lot of him and his toys in this year's pictures. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's contributions!
bztraining PRO 4 years ago
Hi! Kathleen here, and this is my 3rd year of 365. The vast majority of my shots will be of my Golden Retrievers, Zachary and Henry. Looking forward to a fun year of catching their antics. :)
animated chalk [deleted] 4 years ago
I'm Pete, originally from Blackpool in the UK but now working as an IT Consultant in Perth, Western Australia.

I've had a few aborted previous attempts at Project 365 (my personal best being 200 days in 2007 before getting too stressed about it!) and I've decided it's time to give it another shot to stop my camera drowning under a layer of dust!

Hopefully I can stick with it for the full year this time and get myself motivated by viewing everyone else's images in the group.

I'll apologise in advance for the days when I'm struggling and end up going a bit over-the-top with my processing to compensate for a bad photo :-)

Good luck everyone!
Shelli Craig PRO 4 years ago
Hi! I'm Shelli and I live in NC (originally from SC) and I have 7 children, many dogs, many cats, a bird, a snake, a tortoise, horses, mini horses, donkeys and goats and pig and a sheep. Whew. I did a 365 for 2011 and 2012 but skipped 2013. I miss it! I do photography for a "living" but I have not been keeping my camera with me faithfully like I did during those 365s. Look forward to participating and seeing everyone's work!
Carolina Tim 4 years ago
Hello, I'm Tim, living on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I tried a 365 project in 2011... but I get easily distracted (SQUIRREL!) and didn't quite make it through the summer. So, hopefully, with the peer pressure from this group I will be able to get 'er done this year. :-) My pics will probably be a combination from my DLSR (Nikon 3100), an old point-n-shoot, and, in a pinch, my iPhone. Good luck, everyone!
piquant spoon [deleted] 4 years ago
Hi Everyone

I'm John from Dublin/Ireland and I only started my first 365 last January but missed out on a day around day 200 and stopped only to start over again a week later but have decided to keep going on the count for that 365 but start a calendar year 365 also using the same photos so as to run to the end of the year like most people do.

I shoot everything and anything and I’m a member of Tallaght Photographic Society camera club and my camera or one of my cameras is always with me. Looking forward to seeing what others shoot and post as it’s always interesting to get some ideas from others.

Good luck to everyone starting out and the main thing is to enjoy it.

John PRO 4 years ago
Hi Everyone.. I'm Rob. This is the third time round for me having successfully completed 2010, and was thwarted in 2012 by moving house and then months of building work. I've taken very few photos during the intervening years. I live in rural Surrey in the UK and work is West London. I've had my photos exhibited twice and sold quite a few, but I still feel like a beginner and want to stretch my boundaries a little this year, although I'm not sure how yet. Good luck everyone!
Rasmus_hald 4 years ago
Hi folks.
Rasmus from Oslo, Norway here.
I completed one in 2011 and sat here last night just before midnight thinking how I enjoyed those pictures as a record over the year and in a whim I decided to do it again this year.

Will be doing it with the Instagram app this time round, will be a nice twist to it...
jamieleigh12 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Jamie from Texas. I think I recognize a few of you from my previous 365 attempts. Love taking pictures but struggle with time management and commitment. I have 2 kids...son is 8 and daughter will be 2 in April.
paul-webster 4 years ago
Hi all. I'm Paul from just outside Grantown on Spey in the Cairngorms. This is my 1st 365 - and although I'd used Flickr years ago just as a backup, going to really take part in the community this time. Looking forward to it!
auntsmack4u 4 years ago
HI All - Susan from NJ - glad to join in the fun - AGAIN . . Since ive been on flickr (2006) - ive only been able to complete a 365 one time - my first year 2006/2007. Im looking forward to 2014, meeting you and all and your inspiration!
beneficial trees [deleted] 4 years ago
Hi everyone! I`m Claudia, 25 years old, living in Dublin, Ireland. I shoot with a sony hx300 and I`m learning everyday something new about photography :) I got last year 160 out of 365, hope this year I`ll make it :)
Looking forward to following your 365 projects! Best wishes for 2014!
Laurent Gallo 4 years ago
Hello and happy new year everyone,
I'm Laurent, an italian guy living in south of France. I've been fascinated by the 365 projects for the past few years, now I am ready to face the challenge! Looking forward to share my pictures and admire yours during the next 365 days! Bye
kerriebr 4 years ago
Hi everyone, I'm from the Gold Coast, Australia.
Just joined the group, so already playing catchup to post!
Sincerely appreciate all comments & critique.
Look forward to seeing & learning from your pics.
princesspink 77 4 years ago
3 The Lake

Hi All I'm Penny! Thats me the crazy one on the left! ^
This is my 3rd attempt at a 365, my last two I took the pics but lost my way with uploading editing and ran out of time to get on with it! This year I am determined to actually get it completed and stick to daily uploads!
About me! I'm a stay home Mum to 3 and shoot with a Canon 600D/T3i rebel, I shoot just for fun but would love to do weddings/school shoots etc for a career when the kiddies are older
Looking forward to getting to know you all and sharing the year with you all!
K.Renee' 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Kysha. Originally from Detroit, but stationed here in Savannah, GA. This is my third or fourth attempt at the 365, but I'm determined to complete it this time!! Well, I'm active duty military (army), have a two year old daughter and love taking pictures. I do shoot for fun, but actually have clients for model and family portraits. I've been on Flickr since 2007, but removed all of my images about a year ago. It just wasn't fun anymore...all of the friends/contacts that I made while here seemed to leave and do other things. A lot of them have come back, and I just couldn't stay away...back again and I look forward to virtually meeting you all! Happy New Year to you!
ant-o-rama PRO 4 years ago
hi, i'm ant from melbourne australia and i've had a go at a few 365s, some i've finished some i haven't, they've mainly been self portraits but i really struggled towards the end of last years and i've been tossing up whether to do a 365 again this year, i've decided to give it a go but just as a general 365 as opposed to selfies, looking forward to another year full of photo fun :)
TIM R F PRO 4 years ago
Hello all

After long deliberation I have decided not to take part in the 2014 challenge need a wee break from 365! Still I am looking forward to seeing all your great photos.
glaukos PRO 4 years ago
Hi everyone, from Cynthia in Oregon.
This will be my 4th consecutive 365 but—I missed a few days in each one. Best tip I've seen for succeeding is, Take some pictures early in the day: you may take better shots later, or you may not have time at all. Bearing that in mind, I'll try to reach 365 nirvana this time around. Despite missing days, the 365s have been very rewarding, and it was during the first one that I began learning about my year-old camera and took it off auto.

Looking forward to seeing photos from new and old 365ers, and intending to make time to comment more!
TIM R F: Hope you continue to upload even though you're not in the 365, I enjoy looking at your stuff :-)
selasasore 4 years ago
Hi everyone. I'm Yasser from Medan, Indonesia.
This is my third attempt in doing 365 project. Last year I failed on day 200 something because there are much backlog on photoshoping and editing, and it make me exhausted. This time I will leave the picture as it is at the camera. If I edit anything, I will add the edited version on the comment area, and it would be from my other account.

Feel free to comment, critiques and supports are much appreciated. I'm looking forward to seeing photos from all 365ers. I also usually comment on other photos, but many times I lost words and cannot say it in english (cause it's not my main language), so I will usually saying "great shot" or favoriting other photos.

Good luck to every one, and happy 365 day shot!
Shane Montross 4 years ago
Hi all! I'm Shane from Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA to those who live here). This is my third full 365; I've done other mini-projects on a theme as well, and had another 365 at one point based around pushing myself and my camera to produce my vision without editing, but I ran out of new ways to push :)

This year I'm focusing on the idea of exploration - going beyond my comfort zone in terms of location/subject/composition and in how I process to achieve my vision. I'm a huge fan of DuChemin's wok on Vision and Voice, and have found my own style, but wish to add some nuances and other tools to my work. Thus, exploration of subject and self! Please feel free to let me know what might have worked better, or other ways a shot could be interpreted!

Concurrently, I am working on a personal project documenting endangered species of North America, a tongue-in-cheek documentation of everyday objects that are rapidly disappearing from our lives; I'm assigning faux Latin genus and species names and anthropomorphizing these objects. There may be some crossover so keep your eyes peeled if that kind of thing interests you!

Good luck to all!
bonnycat PRO 4 years ago
Hi all I am Audrey and live in the UK. I have attempted the 365 3times before rash time I learnt a lot even if I did not complete it. This year to make it easier I am taking the pressure off my self and am utilising my iPhone a lot more. The biggest challenge so far is having a fixed lens I use the zoom a lot. We will see where this year takes me.
* Made of Stardust * 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Sam from the UK. This is my third 365, my first was of a bear, but I lost my mojo 171 days in. I completed my second attempt, all my photos were composed in the square format. This year I'm attempting a Danbo 365.
Best of luck everyone and happy snapping!
he-sk 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Viktor from Berlin. I tried the 365 last year but stopped in April due to exhaustion. It was taking up too much of my time. (It didn't help that my beloved nifty fifty died around that time.) So, one of the goals this year is not to be too obsessive about the project. So far, it's not working out. Looking forward to see all pictures! 3-2-1, Happy Shooting!
isabelle.puaut PRO 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Isabelle, from a small village near Rennes, France.

It'll be my first 365. It seems to be time consuming, but I'll do my best to finish, whatever the quality and originality of the pictures I'll post.I started only one week ago (5th of January). Good luck to you all !
ems_on_tour PRO 4 years ago

Apologies for being late in replying to this, I am Emma and live in Norfolk, England, I spotted I am not the only one!

I started to do a 365 in 2010 whilst I was travelling, so I have been to some of the places you guys live which made me smile when remembering them, however I got really behind in uploading them when I was in Asia due to internet access so I gave up, however this time I plan to complete it!

Like many others, some days I find it much easier to find things to photograph than others, but I think having a theme is a brilliant idea and really helps with the motivation.

Look forward to seeing all of your images and getting to know people.

NXG 4 years ago
Hi all, I'm Natasha from Saddleworth, near Manchester, UK. I'm more-or-less a stay-at-home mum to a 3 year old and a nearly-2 year old. I have just had the time, space and energy to pick up my SLR again for the first time since my second child was born and I want to get re-acquainted with it, hence the 365. I hope this project creates a fresh awakening in me as to what is good in my life. So I expect it to be mainly documentary, and hopefully challenging my photography skills too. I do however appreciate that my time is still tight, some days more than others, so I will probably do a sizeable portion of my shots with my phone.

It's great to read about others' experiences and I look forward to journeying through this year's 365 with you all.
stegdino 4 years ago
Hello, I am Dino and live in Italy near Torino. I like very much this type of challenging and the weekly themes too. Happy shots to everyone and let's have fun together!
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