kostolany244 PRO 9:24pm, 6 December 2013
Hey guys!

Would you like to have weekly or monthly themes next year?
Theme ideas are welcome as well. :)

Please invite your friends to join us.
Skley PRO 5 years ago
I would prefer weekly :)
kostolany244 PRO 5 years ago
Then you've got to help me with theme ideas. :)
olivgrau PRO 5 years ago
Weekly is good!
Kris English Photog PRO 5 years ago
Weekly is good, I've not done it before but I've seen others and they look good
"Olga" PRO 5 years ago
pikespice PRO 5 years ago
Maybe once we get at least 52 members, we can have weekly theme choosers.
kostolany244 PRO 5 years ago
Great idea David.
Stuart Beard PRO 4 years ago
weekly theme choosers would be good...
I would prefer weekly :)
Eryl Shields 4 years ago
I've tried monthly themes, and found it difficult to keep them going, so would prefer weekly. I'd be happy to contribute ideas, too. I teach creative writing, so am used to having to come up with motivational words and phrases.
ems_on_tour PRO 4 years ago
I agree I think eekly themes are a really good :) happy to help if I can. Maybe we can take turns at thinking up theme's?
ems_on_tour PRO 4 years ago
Weekly even! Ha ha!
stegdino 4 years ago
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