Heritage Photo PRO 4:55am, 2 March 2015
I have compiled a database of thousands of photographers who worked in Indiana between 1841 and 1960. This will eventually result in a printed directory.

I seek biographical as well as studio information about any photographer, camera operator, retoucher, photographic supplies manufacturer, serious amateur, or photo studio employees who worked in the state.

Fields include: full name, ethnicity, sex, birth and death dates and places, parents, spouse, children, education, awards, and other occupations. Specifically about each studio: type of studio (itinerant, etc.), name of studio, address, town, county, dates, and most important is sources for all of the above. I also include notes about the disposition of negatives, business records, ledgers, etc.

'The goal of this project is to help date photographs and also to help determine copyright of images. Particularly welcome are messages from descendants of the photographers who might share stories about the them as well as supply scans of the photographers at work or their businesses.

Please share or submit queries to: heritagephotoservices@gmail.com

Joan Hostetler, Project Director
The Indiana Photographers Project
716 Dorman Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
(317) 771-4129
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