donowhoholly 7:33pm, 1 February 2015
I'd love to see photos of any forumites' rooms painted in Abigail's paint colours. Although the photos in the brochure are lovely, it'd be great to see some more examples
FloxP 3 years ago
I agree, I know quite a few people have had their bedroom or kitchen using her paint. Joe is one of them.
oksleator 3 years ago
my sitting room is painted in rivington blue. it's on flickr. 3 years ago
Hi donowhoholly, my kitchen is painted in mole. also on flickr.
jessbodi 3 years ago
Although I haven't painted a room, I have just painted out a sample of Mulberry Red. It is so, so beautiful that I am trying to figure out what I can paint with it. I would love it for my bathroom but worried it would mark too easily. Mypad, how is the paint holding up in your kitchen with watermarks, etc? 3 years ago
Hi jessbodi, Paint holding up perfectly & any marks that appear I just wipe away.
jessbodi 3 years ago
Thanks, my pad. Your kitchen looks lovely!
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