Paint & woodwork

meandmymeow 3:09pm, 12 April 2014
Hi all, I'm decorating my small spare bedroom. Currently the woodwork is white gloss but I'd like to go to eggshell... even though I have a cat! Do I need to strip the wood right back first or just take the glossy shine off? Also, what finish do I go for on the walls? The room will be a closet/office. I'm painting it out in Calluna Farrow & Ball (not the dark side for this room I'm afraid). Thanks :)
dawnbirse 4 years ago
You don't have to go right back to the wood. You can give the woodwork a light sand to provide a 'key' for the new paint to adhere to. The walls are usually nice in a matt finish, hope this helps
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
Second that as long as you sand them lightly so the paint can adhere better should be fine
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