priestniki 5:06pm, 22 March 2014
I am moving into a new flat in a few weeks and our bedroom doesn't have any lights on the wall or ceiling (very odd I know) I am renting, so I can't tear up the ceiling and but I don't want to have to completely compromise on style until I can afford to buy.

Can anyone suggest some good floor lamps that will give out a decent amount of light, yet still look beautiful for under £200.

My bedroom furniture is mostly french antiques, but I don't mind mixing it up a bit. My current favourite is this one from interior addict but am struggling to find anything else very nice...
dawnbirse 4 years ago
This looks similar and is £74.99 in the sale

BHS Caleb floor lamp. BHS have some really lovely lights at the moment.
dawnbirse 4 years ago
Ikea Hektar is also nice, quite big in real life and only £50
priestniki 4 years ago
Thanks so much, I am shocked by the bhs lamp I would never have thought to look there for lighting what a nice surprise!
dawnbirse 4 years ago
I know! They had an amazing one last week which seems to have disappeared. It was a standard lamp, with the shade stripped back to just the metal frame, and lots of crystals on it. It looked totally unusual and un-BHS!
isabellammm 4 years ago
Hear hear to the surprisingly good lighting you can find in BHS! Though I reckon it's only about 10% of their stock that is actually nice. Heals do great lights but on the pricey side. Good luck
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
Lots of sites I used when i did the TV show were preloved, etsy, gum tree, bhs of course, I also used tesco a bit, athropplogie, and heals. Hope that helps
dawnbirse 4 years ago
Hi, thought you might like to know that the BHS lamp Caleb is now reduced to £44.99! x
mrnevwalsh 4 years ago
I think this is pretty cool, a bit antique/industrial and under budget.
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