Black woodwork

shellygoodall 11:03pm, 3 March 2014
Hi all

I've painted the bathroom in dulux midnight allure. It's kind of a navy/v dark grey depending on the time of day. It's very dark but not quite black. The DIY shop couldn't make me up a gloss version of the same colour so I bought black. Will I paint the skirting and door frame black?

dawnbirse 4 years ago
Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!! Paint a swatch onto card and take it to b& q and get Valspar to colour match it in eggshell. That's only my humble opinion mind you, but I wouldn't do gloss, I think black gloss with navy emulsion might look strange. Better to keep to the same colour and finish to make your walls seem endlessly tall
shellygoodall 4 years ago
righto...tried a bit harder and got another shop to do it instead.
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
Can they do eggshell instead. I use eggshell on all my wood its not so glossy and blends into the emulsion?
shellygoodall 4 years ago
yes, i got them to do an eggshell version. May as well take the advice when I ask for it! It looks a lot better. The colour wasn't in the first shop's mixing machine. The second store rang dulux to get a code for it.

Thank you both!
dawnbirse 4 years ago
Yey, sounds like it all went to plan! Bet it's gorgeous. We went dark blue in our living room and I love it
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