davidhutton3 11:58am, 28 February 2014
Just uploaded before and after pictures of a job I finished in the centre of Bristol. Three show flats for a development which has been re launched. This shows you how going to the dark side works so much better.
jhobson1 4 years ago
David, your work on these rooms is absolutely beautiful!
You are so right about the impact of the dark side approach!
However, its far more than that....SO much depth added with such creative changes to the space. PLUS, fabulous wallpaper, accessories and , importantly, the emphasis you place on different areas. The small screen and EAT letters stunningly transforms what was there before.
Even though I have a confident approach to working on my own space, I would happily invite you to re-shape my interiors! Wonderful ! Show flats will never be the same again...
FloxP 4 years ago
Indeed, the before photos are just another example of how blend and unexciting it can be to visit bland white modern spaces /showrooms in new buildings where there is no sense of individuality. I bet the afters are worth a lot more money cos people would not hesitate to sign on the dotted line because they can now see the wow factor that makes you say YES!
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