Angelinheels 10:03am, 27 February 2014
Just wanted to share photos of my baby girl's nursery I recently finished putting together. I was originally going with a yellow and grey color scheme but when I came across the pink and white wallpaper that went out the window.

It's not the dark side but I am pretty happy with the final result. I'd love to hear your thoughts Abigail (and everyone else') as I'm always looking to improve.

I'm not sure how to add the photos to this discussion so I just added them to the main page in this group. I'm not sure how you go about making the link though.

If all else fails the photos are on my blog here

AbigailAhern 4 years ago
Cool, nurseries are something I haven't really designed so I'm not particularly qualified to advise. Decorating is so personal and if you're happy that is what it is all about
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