jef maquet 1:57pm, 19 February 2014
Hello everybody

First of all sorry for my english!
I wonder if there are colours that are more suitable than others to be chosen as a dark colour for a room
I know that grey almost always seems to work(I've done a dining room a few years ago),but i'm not sure about the colour that you can see on the foto's added(in real it is darker)
It is the bedroopm of my daughter,and she wanted it to be Gothic,so...
Maybe that some colours (like brown?)benefit from a little satin gloss,
altough I usually paint all my walls matt(outdoor silicate=matt as stone-I like it)
Maybe I should paint the doors and woodwork in satin,the same colour as the walls(now it seems to fresh for the purpose)
The ceiling could stay off-white than
What about the fireplace-mantel?

I'm going to place the wardrobe(is that word correct?) in between the 2 doors of the large wall and get the paint of it
Now it is not in harmony between the one door and the fireplace
Also i'm thinking of using a more creamy white(like milk) for the ceiling or maybe the fireplace mantel
It will be more mysterious than a crisp off-white
This is all about the foundation of the room ,decoration in my opinion is easier:the first choices always seem more difficult to me
Anyway,don't be afraid to disagree with all I say:It is all work in progress!Thank you
jef maquet 4 years ago
little p.s.
Dont' mind the curtains,i'm going to change them(longer and dark or creamy white)
oliverthomas2 4 years ago
I would paint out the skirting and window frames in the same colour, but with a satin/eggshell finish for durability. Ive just painted my lounge Dark Navy blue (see pics in thread) and at first i left the skirting,mantle and window frames white, but ive now started to paint them out in the same wall colour and it looks sooo much nicer.

Oliver Thomas :)
jef maquet 4 years ago
thanks for your reply

first of all :nice pctures of your lounge!
what I would like to know:by skirting do you mean the doors as well?
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
I agree in my book ceilings and trim, so skirtings door frames and windows should all be painted out in the same colour. Lots of dark colours work I've just blue, brown, grey, grey, olive, dark red and they all look pretty amazing
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