obscurious1 10:27am, 5 February 2014
Hi folks, Just about to complete a purchase on a property but since I first saw the place I have become obsessed with the non-centred fireplace. The fireplace is on an angle in the corner of the room. I have uploaded a picture of the current lounge and a layout drawing. The current owners have placed two sofas on the periphery with a rug lined up with the TV. I'd prefer the central focal point to be the fireplace, not the TV. But I'm stuck as to how I would make this work? Moving the fireplace is not an option. I need to fit a 3 seat sofa and two leather clubs into the space. I considered a round rug to draw attention away from the asymmetry but it's so difficult sourcing a decent sized and beautiful round rug. Am I getting too hung up on something so trivial? My other half thinks I'm mad!
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
Have just given you some ideas below your image, hope that helps
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