subees 4:25pm, 1 February 2014
An unusual request I realise, but nonetheless I would really appreciate everyone's thoughts on this. I am a hypnotherapist and my consulting room has always been decorated with cream walls and minimal decor (maybe a plant and a mirror at best). Since decorating my home AA style and realising how much more inviting it is to have layers, patterns, colours, low lighting etc, I'm wondering whether I should adapt this to my work space. I am soon to move to a new location and will be renting my office out to counsellors, psychotherapists etc on the days I'm not working. I don't want to alienate them so I'm not sure whether I should just stick to the boring, bland decor of the typical consulting room or not. My instinct is to try and stick out from the sea of beige that already exists and create a unique therapy space. Regardless of whether you have experience of being in a consulting room or not, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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