Faux flowers

meandmymeow 2:15pm, 11 January 2014
I'm trying to decide on what sort of faux flowers to buy from Abigail's store for a new vase. Any ideas?? I've uploaded a pic of the vase. X
FloxP 5 years ago
this is a tricky shape as it has a narrow entrance, fat, round and short. Your best bet is to bring it along with you, nicely bubble- wrapped and see for yourself there. Take your time, I always do.

Even if the flowers are too tall to actually put them in the vase in the shop (when new), you can still visualize the bouquet if you put it next to the vase etc.

I imagine it will be like 3 flowers to keep it minimalist, but which ones? that is up to colours that go well with vase/walls and its shape.

Do you have many of her flowers in your home that you can already rule out? I do that a lot, as I have so many, they go from one vase to the next at times.
wendylaldridge 5 years ago
Hey! I'd do as FloxP says and take the vase in - I've taken countless vases into the shop as it's the only way you really know how the flowers will look.
I think Gemma works on either Sat or Sunday but if you call ahead to check and can go a day when she is in, she's amazing and super helpful on that front.
I'd say hydrangeas might be your best bet as they have nice fat heads that if cut to correct height will just spill out over the neck.
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
I agree Gem is pretty amazing (beyond amazing but as she is my sis lets not tell her that). She now only works in store on Mondays but you can always leave the vase and she can work on it when in . Failing that if you're not local you can always email her the pic and she can talk you through her suggestions, but Gem is you're best bet for sure
subees 4 years ago
I've just bought the pink peonies to go in a new vase from AA's shop which has a small neck / hole too. I've uploaded a pic. The colour would look amazing with your green vase I reckon.
meandmymeow 4 years ago
Thanks for the advice everyone :). The pink peonies look lush! Will drop Gemma an email hope she doesn't mind. I'll upload a pic once I've got them. Thanks again :)
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