Ceiling Fans

brookeboland 9:37am, 18 December 2013
Hello all!

My hubby and I are planning to reno our apartment over the christmas break and we have decided to put in ceiling fans in the two upstairs bedrooms as it can get quite hot up there. We are crossing over to the dark side in every single space - can not wait! But I am stuck on what kind of ceiling fan to put in. I really love pendant lights and wanted to have a massive feature light in our master bedroom especially, but a ceiling fan would rule this out unfortunately. Does anyone have any suggestions for cool fans? Abigail, have you written a post on this decorating dilemma before? Many Thanks!
brookeboland 4 years ago
Problem solved! We just purchased two artemis ceiling fans in matte black - spent the whole decorating budget, but was totally worth it!
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
I haven't written a post on this decorating dilemma before and regrettably not sure I can help you out as its something I've never had to face but like the above idea. Let me know how it goes crossing over to the dark side
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