crispyjo 11:39pm, 8 December 2013
I have a small room, used to be a study but I now want it as a little 'ladies sitting room' for me. I really would like to embrace the dark side but am concerned as it is quite a small room with a low ceiling. It is 10ft by 9 ft and the ceiling height is only 82inches. I'm thinking of having one wall with the book wallpaper and possibly the other walls in down pipe.

Abigail, Ihave a concern whether this would work in a small, dark, north facing room and also I know you always advocate the ceiling to be painted the same colour as the walls but would you do so with such low ceilings? The house is a 15c cottage and the room has some black painted beams.

I'd really appreciate your advice.

AbigailAhern 5 years ago
The lower the ceiling in the room the more important it is to paint it the same colour as it will make the ceilings appear higher promise. It does this by creating infinity so you don't know where the walls stop and the ceilings begin. Don't worry about north facing light and all that mumbo jumbo it will look beautiful can promise you that!
crispyjo 5 years ago
Thank you very much for replying, have already got one of your Debenham's hare lamps in there in readiness, I just need the courage to go ahead!
crispyjo 5 years ago
The decorator/painter is booked for next week - haven't told my husband yet!!! We are on our way to the dark side......
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Take some before and after pics!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Cannot wait to see either I think it will look amazing do post after pics if you have a second x
crispyjo Posted 5 years ago. Edited by crispyjo (member) 5 years ago
OMG!!! IT'S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! And it's not even finished yet! Thank you so much for your advice and I'll do some pics when it's finished. It does make me want to go dark in some of the other rooms now. The decorator thinks it's fab too.
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
So happy to here. Glad you love x
crispyjo 4 years ago
Have finally added the before and after photos.
shellygoodall 4 years ago
fair play, that looks great! The pink chair really stands out. Very cozy
isabellammm 4 years ago
Gorgeous, how delicious does that hot pink sofa look? And love the idea of a glam little ladies sitting room, no boys allowed!
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