Carpet & rugs?

shellygoodall 9:42pm, 5 December 2013
I've grey carpet in my living area which I love for its comfort and practicality. Referring to the need for pattern, what sort of rug can be put on carpet, if any?
FloxP 5 years ago
Nearly anything can be considered, as long as you stay away from plain ones. As you may know already, interior blogs are full of images with zigzag // stripy moroccan azilal rugs with tones of cream and black. Adding wooly texture too.
Then there are other rugs with pattern and colors, for instance today I saw loads in West Elm.

I wouldn't put a Persian but that is just me. Not sure why but I don't think it'd work well.
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Any indeed just find a pattern that you love and skim it straight over it will totally lift the room
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