shellygoodall 7:30pm, 24 November 2013
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Apologies on formatting to begin with! I've never posted before.
I've added some bedroom photos. I can see that it looks a bit empty and without a mix of scale. What would you add? Maybe patterned curtains? The room is poky enough. (I can't paint the ceiling as the surface finish is rubbish and the paint peels off.) any advice welcome!
FloxP 5 years ago
Personally, I think a darker patterned bedsheet set would elevate the colour scheme of the room, as for me the white sheets don't work due to walls being a neutral coffee beige colour. Whites works best with dark blue walls that contrast with them. Here it looks too sterile.
I personally love Calvin Klein bedsheets that I indulge in every year in the half price January/summer sales. CK have warm purply grey scheme every time. Very masculine.
you could also add decorative cushions to add warmth and cosiness.

Curtains can come next, but bedsheets are much easier to replace and have on a rota.
I saw that Ikea yellow print last sunday from your headboard. What a small world.
shellygoodall 5 years ago
hi florence. I managed to find the delete button for that photo I thought I had set to private! Thanks for your input. The walls are not coffee / beige though. They are a dark grey. I'd will continue with yellow / orange / purple & will keep an eye out for a new patterned duvet set.
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
I agree I don't think you need to pattern the drapes but you could certainly add a pop of pattern to the bed. Jan sales are round the corner so its a good time to look x
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Sound, will keep an eye out! thanks
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