subees 6:45pm, 15 November 2013
I just wondered how many rooms people have painted dark? Since dipping my toe into the depths of dark paint I am feeling the addictive pull and slightly tempted to just go the whole way. However, I don't intend to live here for more than another year and worry that I'll be seriously narrowing down the marketability of my flat if I go too dark. The problem is that I have a couple of rooms (mainly my bedroom and spare bedroom) that, I am ashamed to say, look like Laura Ashley has thrown up all over them so I'm desperate to redecorate. I feel I should keep them light in order to not scare off future buyers but it's so hard to get my head around how to decorate with paler colours. Dark colours now seem easier (and much funner) to work with. So has anyone else chosen to redecorate with light colours since embracing the dark side or have you been completely turned?
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Both my sisters sold their apartments instantly and they went dark. I think because everything else sort of merges into a pale haze theirs stood out. Estate agents will tell you otherwise, personally if you are going to live there for that length of time I would do it, but its personal I guess
FloxP 5 years ago
we have repainted both our bathrooms and the main bedroom dark. When the estate agent who was selling next door identical house came around for an estimate ( I had the cheek to invite him to get a free quote:) ) he said that each room had personality which will appeal to a lot of buyers with taste and a good eye for well decorated properties. If anything it will increase the overall value as it looks more upmarket and ready to be lived in.
I am confident that my blue inky bedroom will get buyers to look at it twice and fall in love with it.
When we first visited our house, there was a few lovely touches of dark feature walls and rooms stood out already, having seen the same property on the market but painted all white and lacking other touches like a better skirting and light switches which ours had and remodelled bathrooms.
We did not hesitate for a minute to go for the property that ticked more boxes and paid more. We just added more dark colours 2 years down the line as I know now what I like. I have no regrets, as the devil is in the detail. We have kept the living room beige but added a blue feature wall with left over paint from guest room feature wall. It added that extra fun and modern dimension to it. So when in doubt of repainting every room dark, compromise with feature walls using left over paints, cheap and cheerful.
Chris10011 5 years ago
We only have one beige room left, and i hate it..! It is my office room where I also receive clients, and my husband insisted we keep this one light. It feels so out of touch with the rest of the apartment, I have already ordered a beautiful dark blue wallpaper and will get it fixed as soon as I can have builders in.
We are renting the place and hope to be able to buy a house in a couple of years. Even though we probably should paint everything back in white, I,d rather do that than live in a beige haze as Abigail would call it.... My advice would be to follow your heart. When I put in a new kitchen in our apartment! people said I was crazy to spend money on a rented apartment. But to date, we have lived here for 6 years and have loved our kitchen every day since! Life changes and you may stay longer than you'd expect...
Chris10011 5 years ago
Ps just added a picture of the light room in my list... There you will see what I mean.
subees 5 years ago
Thank you all for your thoughts and advice. I think you're right that having a home that stands out amongst the beige homes on the market will invite a certain type of buyer and hopefully one that would be prepared to pay more ;-) I salute you Chris for just going with your heart and doing what you wanted to make your place your home even though it is rented. You have such a gorgeous home. You'll be surely glad to leave it. My dream would be to buy a house that needs modernising and just spend my days redecorating. Ahh, I'll keep dreaming.
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Good points couldn't agree more guys x
MarkUpton 4 years ago
I painted my whole flat dark and put it on the market last year, the estate agent was a little unsure so I said i'd give them a week to see what the feedback was before I painted it all out white. Within 3 days we got an offer of asking price, and everyone at the estate agents wanted to come round to have a look at the flat!!

Go with what you want to do and you cant go wrong
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