Shamiran K 11:10am, 30 October 2013
Hi everybody!!

Just joined the forum since I finally managed to invest in a fantastic house. However, although it's very quirky, it is also very old and it needs loads doing, including painting everywhere. I already owned Abigail's book and loved from day one the idea of dark rooms (and it looks like I'm not the only one!) however in many of the book pics the dark paint on the wooden floors looks really shiny and I'm not sure if it is a certain brand or some kind of varnish on top...! Any suggestions/ideas?? I don't want to use the wrong paint as I work full time and the time invested in decoration is like gold!!

Many thanks and have a lovely day!
FloxP 5 years ago
Can't help you with floor paint tips but hope you get your answer from the master herself:)
Shamiran K 5 years ago
Thanks for your answer florencepen, I hope so too! BTW love the different vases in your pictures!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Floor paint is slightly more glossy than the emulsion it has to be as its got to be hardwearing. So no I haven't varnished but it looks glossier as when we light the house for pics the light will bounce straight off it. Hope that helps xx
THE ORANGE TREE 5 years ago
Little Greene do hard wearing oil based floor paints across their whole colour chart. Worth checking out. X
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