Notinaf 8:08pm, 28 October 2013
What am I doing wrong, and what am I missing? Beside the dark walls :)
I am afraid on going dark here because of that ugly AC above sofa. Also windows are PVC, that cannot be painted.
Also I feel the arrangement is too predictable, but not sure how I should change it.

Any suggestions on what rags, pedant lighting, and TV shelf I should use? Any advice appreciated!
smellbellhell 5 years ago

Everything looks 2d. The sofa looks flat and the cushions on top flatter. Also, everything is against the wall and almost show home naked looking. I think that maybe yo should look to painting it a warm colour that doesn't have to be dark and that will be okay with the white windows and air con (which you could actually cover) and then accessorise. the kitchen is okay but just needs some personality.
FloxP Posted 5 years ago. Edited by FloxP (member) 5 years ago
well, let's start with a lack of rug. The living room in my opinion should always have a rug. As AA always says avoid carpet looking flat plain rugs and go for pattern, colour and/or texture. The black skinny tall shelves are very 'Conran shop', very trendy and certainly work if you fill them up. Right now it looks like it isn't loved. Make the best of it.
The tv on the floor obviously needs to find a home...sliding doors storage unit for practicality or shelves, large bit of wood whatever you fall in love with, but it takes time to find a unit you will like. I have had mine for 7 years from Ilva (they went bust since) but I still love it.

You need texture/colour/heights on walls in kitchen, too bare. But the dark backsplash and units are looking amazing. The Vitra chairs are a nice touch too. Get a pendant, almost anything will be better than a bare bulb.

Colour is extremely personal, but bright white for me is a nono as you can't relax, it makes you squint on sunny days and hello wrinkles! I have that problem at a friend's house, too much squinting! :)
why don't you get inspired by the forum many photos of living rooms and I am sure it will come to you how you can improve it. It's human instinct!
Notinaf 5 years ago
I totally agree, everything is up to the wall but not sure how should change it since square footage is small.
Thank you very much for your comments! I just recently bought this flat, and still not living in it, have still long way to go with decorating.
Emma Lacey2013 5 years ago
Hey. I think you've got a great start here for something cool like the others say you need oodles of more stuff. Rugs everywhere would really make huge difference and a throw and cushions. I think you need to go for patterns to liven things up. As for layout just keep playing about and remember AAs thing about no straight lines. You've got pops of flowers and art but I would say more books and quirky nig nags you need couple of oddball things. At mo you cant tell much about you. I have random stuff boxing gloves, black and white prints of family, vintage hats. Whatever your thing is get it out! Have fun. Put some updates up xxx
Notinaf 5 years ago
Great advices! Thank you.
subees 5 years ago
As others have said, rugs would certainly cosy up the space and give the texture you need. I think it's great that your dining table is circular as too many square items make the room look rigid. Patterned rugs would help with this further and maybe a circular mirror on the wall. OR how about some circular side / accent tables with some lamps of varying heights. It's great that you've got those two table lamps but as your lounge is very bright white, I'd add some more (floor, table, fairy lights etc) with dimmer plug sockets (which you can but from Amazon) to set the mood.

I recently moved my sofa away from the wall as advised by AA and it made such a difference (I'll get around to uploading my pics soon) so I'd suggest putting a console behind your sofa. That way, you can layer it up with a lamp, flowers, books, ornaments etc. It will bring more of a dimension to the space. Something large and unexpected would be great, so how about a big shade or chandelier for your pendant light? Don't be afraid to go too big.

Lastly, how about something shiny or metallic - whether it be a mirror, a vase, a side table - anything with a reflective surface. Once you've got a mix of textures, lighting, patterns, heights etc it will really bring your space alive - dark or not. Let us know how you get on. You've got a great foundation, so this is the exciting part. Enjoy it! x
subees 5 years ago
Ps. I'd put a supersized vase with flowers on your dining table. It would look more dramatic. And don't worry about losing floor space by putting a console behind your sofa. I was worried too as I live in a flat but what's the point of having empty floor space? There's nothing enticing about it. Stuff is interesting, not a bare floor. Good luck! xx
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