meandmymeow 12:44pm, 26 October 2013
I have a new build house with high ceilings in the bedrooms (pics uploaded). The whole house is painted neutral at the mo, any ideas on paint colour? I'm tempted to go dark but not sure it suits the house. And if I did what do I do with the ceilings? At the mo the walls are cream and ceilings white. What do you think?
meandmymeow 5 years ago
... also I don't think I can paint the doors so stuck with them. Any suggestions? Thanks :) x
hobsonjacqui 5 years ago
Hi! I think choosing a paint colour is a very personal thing and its hard just to suggest this colour or that. Abi has transformed the way we look at paint colour, but, if you are a bit unsure, remember that this is only one element of the room. There are loads of opportunities to soften,add contrast and colour with bedlinen, artwork, rugs, mirrors, blinds, etc, in a bedroom so don't feel threatened by strong colours.. I have painted my bedroom in Downpipe and love it, but if you are needing to start off with something a bit less ambitious I did paint my sitting room Light Blue by Farrow and Ball...ceilings, door, skirting, radiators and window frames and it is absolutely lovely. She is right...painting EVERYTHING seriously takes it up a level. Good luck!
meandmymeow 5 years ago
Thanks for your advice :). I might go dark
on one wall and a slightly lighter shade everywhere else! Def need to cosy this space up though! Thanks again.
FloxP 5 years ago
whatever you do I recommend buying samples before committing , go directly on the walls don't be scared as you will be able to see how they look at night and darker/bright daylight/artificial light. I have never had any problems of samples not being covered after 2 coats, all good.

Painting is an easy-ish job, I have a 6foot 2 tall man which is very handy so no ladder needed, but you will need to prep well. Prep is what makes the painting job easy. A whole day to get done with the first coat of paint. When we did our bedroom 3 weeks ago, prep took longer than the painting!
Doors are a nightmare as most of the time they'd need sanding first and I can' t tell you how tiring sanding is!
I sanded/painted all my door frames and skirtings and did them over many many days. Doors will wait another few years!
Colours is personal. what do you want the first impression to be when someone/you come in each room? elegant, modern, bold, cosy, understated, masculine? think like that and maybe it will help.
good luck!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
As suggested above you really have to love the vibe of going dark before committing because it is pretty life changing and once you convert I find there is no going back. Start with one wall it will get your confidence up and then you will want everything else to go instantly! If you're doing the whole room painting the ceiling out is a game changer.
meandmymeow 5 years ago
Thanks guys :). I think I might take the first step and paint a wall dark and see how I go! Living room to do next!
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