zoe_abrahams 10:40am, 22 October 2013
My boyfriend and I have bought a split level flat which has lots of potential but need lots of work. One problem area is the really tall and extremely dark hallway which is filled by the staircase so feels bit enclosed at the bottom. I'm going to attempt to upload a picture but the iPad has made it look much lighter. Essentially any tester pot I try looks so dull and dirty. I'm trying to convince bf that we need to embrace dark and use downpipe. There is absolutely no natural lighting. Do you think it might be too dark?? We have a lot of colourful things for the wall largely made up of superhero prints. Any advice would be really appreciated :)
smellbellhell 5 years ago
Hi Zoe, after seeing your picture i would say no, but only due to being no natural light and you then having to rely on the main lights to bring some warmth and contrast which will mean that they will have to spend the majority of the time on and dimmed, but i guess the main thing if you can live with coming into your house after a long day at work and the first thing you see is grey without getting depressed.... go for it. What does the bottom of the hallway look like, is it just the front door or a porch area?
zoe_abrahams 5 years ago
Thanks for the advice. That's what I was concerned with although to be honest the lights have to be on all the time at the moment even with the pale yellow colour we inherited. In terms of the bottom of the hallway the front door opens onto what the picture shows. There's awkward space to the side which is largely blocked by staircase. We're going to build a cupboard there. To the right is a small space with three rooms off of it. It's a frustrating space so any help is great!
smellbellhell 5 years ago
No problem Zoe, if possible post additional pictures of the bottom of the hallway and the top landing. If your heart is set on grey its just about finding the right shade that gives you enough light but is also cosy.
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Down pipe or any dark colour for that matter looks amazing when there is no natural light. Even in my day of pale interiors I would always have lights on so the fact that you have to have them on anyways is a plus. It will look snug and lovely particularly when you add your colourful artwork. I recently published on the blog my sisters hallway which has zero natural light and hers is amazing. The coolest hallway I've ever seen (lets just not tell her that)!
smellbellhell 5 years ago
I usually wouldn't disagree with the master (Abigail) but i painted my friends hallway in downpipe and it had natural light and it was just that bit too dark, so we went for a shade lighter or two and it was still dark but with a warmth. I got away with painting mine in dowpipe and it was okay due to having a window extra in my hallway.
Try a tester or two on the walls and see how it could look. I paint a4 size peices of paper in the colours i like and put them in the lightest and darkest points of the space to see the contrast and also to see what they look like in different light (day/night) over a few days.
hobsonjacqui 5 years ago
I think you are losing sight of the fact that its not about looking at the wall painted in Downpipe, its that the paint colour is a backdrop to your art and objects. Once you put up your superhero prints and stuff, as Abi says, they will look AMAZING! I painted my bedroom in Downpipe, ceilings, skirting and all and was horrified until I added in the art, a large chest of drawers painted mustard yellow, vases, bedlinen,etc and now it looks fab. I think people get hung up on the colour of the paint as if that's the main issue. Its not, its about all the other things you have in your space. I say GO FOR IT ZOE!!
Emma Lacey2013 5 years ago
I live in a basement flat. Most people said dont paint hall in downpipe thats ridiculous. Now when they co.e round they go wow art looks good and its smarter! Just do it x
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