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We (the royal we - as in my husband) are just painting our bedroom Stifkey Blue - but it's really blue and not very dark. I much prefer Downpipe but i have that in my bathroom and likely to go in the lounge too.....

Can anyone advise if there is a better, darker - greyer blue out there - not railings, which i think is too black.

The room is SW facing.

Thank you
FloxP 5 years ago
I wish you luck with that colour. I have tried that very colour by buying their tester size bought in their Marylebone shop, you will not believe that out of the 6 samples I had of blue paints, the quality of F&B stiffkey blue was by far the worst, 2 coats did not cover the tested area, and I have a close up photo to show for it.
We are going for Dulux blue, mentioned in my blue post just before your post. I have on my pinterest photos of 2 of the dulux blues found on decor blogs and the rooms look divine.
I found stikkfey too blue and not deep or chalky enough Their photo make it look a lot more interesting that it actually is. Truth be told.
FloxP 5 years ago
bad quality farrow& ball at the bottom! by FloxP
Praxes Limited 4 years ago
Probably too late but F&B Blue Black (or Black Blue I can't remember!) is great
dawnbirse 4 years ago
We have just used crown fashion for walls in New York, if you take a look at my pictures. It's a dusky matt blue. Farrow and ball Hague blue looks lovely and dark
oliverthomas2 4 years ago
Hi there have you looked at LITTLE GREENE, theres Juniper Ash. 115 or Hicks Blue. 208, both of which are very striking.
AbigailAhern 4 years ago
I have two blues coming out shortly with our new paint range, should have pics very soon as we are shooting in the next week. I should say when it comes to dark colours you really need to paint a big old swatch out with the tester. Also the more expensive brands use natural pigments as opposed to synethetics so you get nuances of colours and the cheaper brands tend to be rather flat from my experience. Hope that helps x
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