FloxP 2:34pm, 2 October 2013
I had great fun today painting 6 samples of blues for our bedroom to make that chair pop.
I am after a darkish chalky blue that has a hint of grey. But after seeing a few blues on blogs and pinterest, I came across 3 names of dulux blues (2 made on request, 1 off the shelf Timeless Collection), one F&B, and 2 other brands from B&Q: one is from Crown fashion wall collection, and one is from Craig&Rose. So here they all are.

I like 3 of them very very much. I tried to take photo with and without flash. It is a dark day today. We have wanted to make that beautiful armchair pop out for some time but now that I have seen so many blue bedrooms on so many sites, it is time to dive in. I think the rug from anthropologie will blend in ok, hope it does cos it is staying for sure.
I will see what my boyfriend says tonight and how we feel about them by next week.
How do you feel?
rug, chair and frames are all staying. We have purple, yellow and a touch of green in the rug. by FloxP

I am going to take another series of photo later when the 2nd coat dries on another wall of the bedrom near my curtains/contre jour. My top 3 are painted there in bigger squares.
FloxP 5 years ago
here are my top 3 by the curtains.
blue by curtains by FloxP

FloxP 5 years ago
I have been very busy today toying with the idea of trying 1 of the 2 Dulux generous testers on bigger area. Picked one of my top 2 faves, STEEL SYMPHONY 1. It is darker than my 2nd fave (dulux pebble drift1). I know I love it! it was a dream to paint with. I fell in love with a pinterest photo of someone's bedroom painted with it, it is in my pinterest "blue bedroom walls" folder.
here are some photos from my flicker:


AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Very cool indeed the bedroom looks so much nicer with the blue than the pale I think
FloxP 5 years ago
thank you for your encouragement:)
Jewels1926 5 years ago
I love the darker color and the yellow chair is fab!
FloxP 5 years ago
I cannot wait to take photos of the new room to share it. The change is so dramatic. Even the lights reflect differently when walls are darker. Furniture and rugs come to life. My boyfriend is over the moon. 2 coats was more than enough, done by ourselves on a rainy weekend when luckily there was nothing else to do but stay home and redecorate. :) am not saying it wasn't without stress though. I tend to lose it when I watch by boyfriend roll, but i do the taping prep+ the painstaking paint brush work as am more precise than him:).
FloxP 5 years ago
reading corner in its blue glory by FloxP

haven't made the bed yet as the purple sheet I want to use for photos are still drying, so can't show the whole room yet:)
FloxP 5 years ago
blue bedroom by FloxP

with the bed:)
FloxP 5 years ago

I found these 2 Designer Guilds beautiful cushions we had over 5 years ago on our former brown sofas but then changed it so no longer used them, they were put away... I was wondering if you think they go well with the bedroom darker tones?
I think they do cos the have that sharp lime green and fuchsia.... Which would be such a saving not having to buy new ones. I am washing them carefully as we speak as they could do with a fresher smell:)
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