House rehaul

littlejohnuk 6:40am, 14 September 2013
Hi I'm John and have a mid-terrace in Stockport. As the clocks struck midnight on Jan 1st I thought `Enough`. I was sick of this dowdy looking interiors, crappy old windows and a kitchen that IS a hovel.

I had/have the money to make my house smile again - I've already done the windows and doors (that make my place look so sexy) I now need to do the rest of it.

Can I put some NOW photos to be updated?
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Do indeed. It'll give u some added impetus to get the 'after' photos up
littlejohnuk 5 years ago
Yes I will do it in lighter weather. Goes to show what I need to do with the lighting!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Would love to see them
hobsonjacqui 5 years ago
we are all waiting, John...!
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