houroussoff 7:45pm, 6 September 2013
Hi peoples - I'm new to this and love it - keep yapping annoyingly on AA's blog responses, and have only just realised I have to come over to Flickr...dur! I have done many rooms in my house a la Ahern and I love them, (I will post some pics but I need new ones!) but my lights need updating - I've bought some from Ikea in the past - love some of their big smoked glass ones, and the glass bases with a big pink Habitat shade, but suddenly pink looks wrong with my milk chocolate and bitter chocolate rooms (really surprised at this but they just aint workin!) and I want yellow, lilac, blue, strong shapes, funky block of colour bases etc. Anyone got any tips. Oh and my budget is pretty micro. I'm hoping to design some, but I'm only in the thinking stage at the mo.
Jodieww 5 years ago
Do you have a Dunelm near you? I haven't been in for a while but they often have a good range of colour bases pretty cheaply. The shades can be a little naff but cheap to replace and make such a difference to the overall look.
houroussoff 5 years ago
Thanks, I'll check them out! We do have one here. I looked once before and found them all a bit tiny - I like pretty big ones...
mollhan 5 years ago
In Hobbycraft they have a new range of amazing spray paints colours I've never seen in cans before, only about £7 a can ?!
www.lovefrankie.com do a fab range of lampshades!
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Nice website!
houroussoff 5 years ago
Wow! Love the gold lined lampshades Love Frankie! Thanks very much, I will be in touch. Thanks Shelly and Mollhan - yes I sprayed a plastic tree a weird god I found in HC - I hate the fumes though...
subees 5 years ago
I have one of lovefrankies gold lined shades and I absolutely love it. It gives off a beautiful glow
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
West Elm have cool lamps as another resource,opening in London this month I believe
houroussoff 5 years ago
Thanks Abigail, I'll check them out x
katespatt 5 years ago
Horchow.com sometimes has cool stuff, not always, and if you wait a bit, they usually offer big discounts on lighting a few times a year. Maybe only in the states though...
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