catrinelliswilliams 6:58pm, 6 August 2013
I've posted a pic of the outside of the house. It's the 3 storey orange colour bay with pale yellow brick. I like the colour orange but the windows are painted white and I think a bit bland. The front door is a forest green and I'd like to paint the door and windows a nice colour and which would give it the waw factor. i don't want to paint the brick as I like it. Any suggestions?

rachelandspike 5 years ago
Hi - we painted all the woodwork at the front of our house f&b railings last year and it looks lovely (i posted a couple of pics of it with our mini meadow although they don't do it justice) i get compliments all the time from strangers. Friends of ours followed suit and their house is really similar to yours -it looks so smart against the red/orange brick, and weirdly softer and less startling than white. I promise you won't regret it. Ps it took me ages to pluck up the courage to go dark on the front but best decision ever. Alternatively downpipe (the undercoat was that colour and looked great too.) F&b off black is really nice too, we've got that at the back of the house - good luck x
catrinelliswilliams Posted 5 years ago. Edited by catrinelliswilliams (member) 5 years ago
I love the front of yours in the pic with the wildflowers. I agree the white is too bright which is why i sooooo want to change it. What colour undercoat did you use with the railings for the wood? and what kind of paint was it eg oil based, emulsion.....

rachelandspike 5 years ago
Hi - we used f&b dark tones (which is basically the colour of downpipe) and exterior eggshell, friends had theirs colour matched to railings, and although it still looks lovely I stand by f&b, the house changes colour throughout the day and the colour has so much depth. I'm afraid the pictures don't do it justice at all, but thanks so much for complimenting the meadow, we edged it in this metal that has gone rusty and then pebbles (a la baileys) and its really loads better than before. Please go for it with the railings, it is so so smart you will love it I promise rx
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
I would also go railings by farrow and ball it will look amazing - and I would paint the door out in it as well x
catrinelliswilliams 5 years ago
Thanks both. I've got the painter to give me a quote so I'm on my way. I'll post a pic once it's finished. My porch is currently cream as is the wall outside. What colour should I paint these?
rachelandspike 5 years ago
Hello - I think paint it all out in railings - the porch, the wall the lot. I cannot wait to see the pictures, it will transform your home ( which is clearly lovely already but to quote abigail it will take it to another level) - good luck, you will not regret I promise! rx
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