raisa1470 5:09pm, 4 August 2013
I visited f&b today to get some paint samples and the lady was at pains to explain that since my rooms are very well lit (highrise with floor to ceiling windows), darker colors may not work! Hmm, I was very excited and have bought the samples for railings, downpipe, london clay and green smoke all the same but am a bit worried now that when all the walls are done it may be too much and the light may not bring out the best in the colours! Any advice?

We're in a new building with nice views and lots of light but no 'features' to either highlight or hide away. Does anyone else think darker colours would work better in period properties or darker homes or can I swing it?

La dolce vita 527 5 years ago
Go for it. Dark colours are sexy and you'll be so proud and delighted that you've done it. I've painted my totally blah room which doesn't have much light or any endearing features and the room has come to life. It has given it character. Be brave, you'll be glad you did.
tiffanylondon 5 years ago
You can definitely swing it......go dark, you won't regret it. Look forward to seeing the pics :-) x
raisa1470 5 years ago
Thanks for the motivation folks, samples go on tonight and I'm excited to see what we will go with! Will keep you posted x
Kallista Bolton 5 years ago
i was frieked out about painting just one wall black in our all cream home. This black wall is just luxe now. As La Dolce says, the dark colours are so rich and make the rest of the house in cream look blah :) it did take me a few days to love it though and it was only once i felt i had the right "lighter" coordinating furniture did it really take off.
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Don't listen serioulsy dark colours work everywhere - Ive used them in London, NYC, Paris and the Middle East. Also a whole bunch of people who came to my classes in Australia have painted their houses out dark so do not listen it will look amazing. All those colours are beautiful
jobirch 5 years ago
We live in Oz and our rooms have big windows and heaps of light. I've just done dark in our kitchen /living room and in our TV room. Looks fantastic.
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