Pebbledashedpad 2:15pm, 1 August 2013
Hi all
We have created a lovely kitchen extension within which Id like a soda corner. Pics you see here have tons of toys in them....but these will be moved (eventually) into an adjoining snug. The sofa too can be moved leaving the corner free for ....what? A few chairs? A coffee table? Lamp?

The corner looks as if it might lend itself to a corner sofa but the problem is a radiator on one wall plus a beam on the other which means furniture can't sit against the wall. Would a couple of cosy chairs work best do you think?

I've some Monmouth Coffee sacks I plan to hang on the time.....

The opposite table nook will also have two of the factory lamps hanging down over the table...

Your help much can be found on my profile
shellygoodall 5 years ago
Do the kids use this area much? If so, could you add storage units or double duty furniture to cater for both yourself and the kids? Really like that dining area wall btw
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Couple of cozy chairs would be fabulous, a coffee table, a lamp and wham bam you're done!
Chairs particularly in kitchens are so snug I think they will work a treat
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