Bondaventure 2:28am, 24 July 2013
Hello all.

I am pitching in to help a brilliant designer friend make his debut at Maison Objet this September. Have any of you exhibited there? (Abigail, I know you have and loved the your windowed booth!)

We are about to start building our booth, have all the info that came with registration, but a bit worried about any little rules and regulations that may have escaped our attention. For example, we see some reference to fire-safe building materials, but we are not sure exactly what that means.

If any of you have done this and have any tips, I would appreciate so, so much.

As we patiently waited for answers to emailed questions, our French friend reminded us that, "It is August, no one in France works in August. It's not like the States." Fair enough, and that's the way to live. Though it's not ...quite August.

I would be happy to owe a favor for any advice to first timers!

In real life, I am a writer, but I love to jump in to my friends' design projects once in a while. It's more fun that sitting at a laptop...
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Because its a public space all materials have to be fire regged, fabrics treated, woods a certain thickness etc and so forth. People bend and twist them all the time -but I wouldn't if I were you. There should be a team working away that you can call I don't think they shut down for a month before the show its one of the biggest in the world - so I would keep calling and emailing. Good luck with it
Bondaventure 5 years ago
Thank you so much!

We would rather bend and twist ourselves to fit the regulations, then run into trouble. I think we have finally gathered all the info and are about to start building in double-time.

Very excited...
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