Amycatface 10:40pm, 16 July 2013
Hello Abigail, hello all!

I wonder if anyone can help? I'm looking to do a wash of colour in our bedroom (I.e same colour on the walls, built in wardrobes, radiator etc. Trouble is, I'm stuck with the curtains: Black with large silver/grey flowers. So I'm thinking Farrow & Ball's 'Brassica'... Or will the whole thing look a bit too much? Husband won't let me chuck a few tins of Railings over everything!!

Amy x
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Haven't tested this hue so I can't help much although I've just looked at it online and it looks pretty cool. Can you swatch a big wall in it and see how it makes you feel, the trouble with colour is that its so personal what one of us loves another doesn't but it certainly has depth. My only concern and this is totally personal is how lilac looking does it go in strong light?
Amycatface 5 years ago
Thanks for your reply Abigail!

That's my worry that it'll be a bit lilac-y vomit-inducing on a big scale. Maybe I should try and find something with a bit more red in it. Or maybe knock it all back to grey?! So difficult, don't think I trust my own judgement on this one.

P.S. Very much looking forward to your new range at Debenhams Abigail!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Its the hardest thing I have to say getting the colour right especially when going dark. I use London Clay alot by F&B in the store in my bedroom and my bathroom. Its soft with pinkish/redish undertones if that makes any sense. Don't look at the swatch card its not reprensentive but if you google Todd Selby and my name my bathroom comes up and its that hue. If that helps at all. Oh and thanks about Debenhams, I'm actually counting the days down until it goes in, as sad as that sounds!
tiffanylondon 5 years ago
I used Brassica on a large wall in a north facing kitchen and it was too lilacy vomitty for me, but it's so personal.......on the plus side, it's easy to paint Downpipe over it :-)
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