Going Pro

katespatt 1:01pm, 9 July 2013
Wondering if any of you have toyed w/the idea of making a business out of design. Anyone already putting themselves out there? Any advice Abigail?
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Don't do it! Kidding sort of, its a hard gig being an interior designer but I found using your own home as a showcase helps big time as it shows off your style. If you can get it in a magazine even better as it will launch you - it certainly did me. You'll then get clients on board who love your style which helps greatly. Good luck with it let us know how it goes
katespatt 5 years ago
Thanks Abigail. Am doing just that! Mag came to shoot the house last week, will hit newsstands end of Aug. Flying by the seat of my pants! As of now, all style, no substance. Ha!
La dolce vita 527 5 years ago
Good luck!!! I for one love what your doing and your puppies
katespatt 5 years ago
Thanks LDV!
katespatt 5 years ago
So...I've done it! With a huge nod to AA for the inspiration! Here's the website:
AND, published, here's the article: nominated for 'best of' so am busy working the social media world. Here's the link:
Thanks Abigail!
subees 5 years ago
Wow, congratulations Kate. You have the most beautiful home. I am beyond jealous. Best of luck with this exciting venture, though I don't think you need it.
katespatt 5 years ago
Thanks subees!
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