Emma Lacey2013 11:03am, 3 July 2013
Hi Everyone

I am off work post operation and got to say loving this forum, it is really helping me pass the time. Everyone's abodes look gorgeous and such a great inspiration, thanks AA and team for providing this sharing opportunity.

So I am getting ideas together for a kitchen revamp and wondered if anyone can recommend a durable black paint for that environment. I am thinking a grey black that will help pop out my green dresser ( photo already on forum).

Thanks everyone

Emma xx
Praxes Limited 5 years ago
The most beautiful black I've got at home (have 3 black rooms and 4th to follow) is F&B Blue Black (or Black Blue I can't remember). It's gorgeous but was tricky to paint (so I was told).
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Agreed also Railings and Down Pipe both by F&B hope that helps x
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