samkendrick67 12:30pm, 26 June 2013
hi abi. I am fitting the American tin tiles onto my kitchen ceiling and i am wondering whether it may look a little unfinished around the perimeter. what do u think? would you add a border along the top of the adjoining walls or leave a clean line? also would you leave the tile unfinished? would corrosion be a cool thing? also the tiles are not the busy, blingy ones. I wish I could show you a pic but i am a doofus and unable to do it. if you get a sec its pattern 1in it's raw state (to save dosh.....). thanks so much for any advice. Sam x
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Personally I would probably do a border as opposed to a clean line but that is purely personal. Wouldn't worry about corrosion we can call that texture and patina and it will look cool. If you look at the wallpaper on my website its all peeling and rusting and amazing. I think it will look fabulous let me know how it works out x
samkendrick67 5 years ago
will do. thanks again abi. i feel reassured I am on the right track and not a total nutjob.... x
samkendrick67 4 years ago

finally.... here are a couple of pics of the ceiling x
mrnevwalsh 4 years ago
looks fantastic
great job. am going to do this when I finally renovate my bathroom.
AbigailAhern 4 years ago

Exciting cannot wait to see
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