Dining room ????

Jacqueline Early 11:31am, 19 June 2013
Wow, firstly, what a fabulous tool you have offered us Abigail. I struggle talking interiors with friends as no one seems to share my interest... And my poor husband thinks I am mad, hours looking at images on google, constant ebay alerts and the ever changing furniture in our house... Which leads me to my biggest uncertainty of our home.
Our kitchen / dining area is only small. Our lounge room is down the other end of the house, and when we entertain, friends tend to gather in the kitchen, either sitting at the bar stools around the kitchen bench or standing to talk. As you will see in the pics, we originally had a dining table, but it was never used, as we tend to gather at the kitchen bench, and it would just collect junk... So i got rid of it and have since replaced it with a 2 seater retro sofa and arm chair.
The room is still in need of work, and I am always trying new ideas. But I would love to get some advice. I am no thinking of trying to squeeze in a round dining table to seat 4...... Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Couple of tricks you can do you are so nearly there by the way. The more circles you add the more it will break up the straight lines of the space. So a table in between the chairs maybe? Mirror, cicurlar lamp. So your thoughts on a round dining table would be fab. The Americans so this all the time and its a rather cool idea (check out lonnymag for inspiration) but they put armchairs or more upholstered chairs around dining tables it adds such a luxurious vibe. If your round table was folding it could neatly go away when not needed for entertaining. Just a thought? The only other thing I would say which you will hate me for is maybe paint out the ceiling those walls will feel so much taller if you do its a game changer x
Jacqueline Early 5 years ago
Thanks so much Abigail. I really appreciate your advice. I have thought of painting the ceiling in the same colour as the walls, but my concern was the ceiling fan..... Can they be easily painted too??
My next project is to paint our hallway in a darker charcoal colour, all timber, doors and ceiling, and add some copper wall paper, mirror, lamp.... will add pics once I get to it.
Have a great day!! Its a fresh 4 degrees here in Melbourne. Blue skies. A beautiful winter morning!!
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Hi Jacqueline you can paint out the ceiling fan I think even if you don't actually paint it out the game changer is the ceiling because you can always add in other white accents to take the focus away. Hallway sounds like a fab project keep me posted.
It feels like 4 degrees here to and we are in the middle of summer!
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