Angelinheels 12:59pm, 16 June 2013
Hi, I've just created this vignette on top of a dresser/chest of draws in my upstairs study/chill out room.

I probably need to get a different (bigger) lamp as the height is the same as the three black and white pictures and this is probably making things less dynamic than they could be.

You guys probably think it's boring but white is actually my favorite colour.

Also I'm not sure if I should hang a larger piece of artwork on the wall above the three pictures which are currently sitting on the unit. Will it be too much as there is other art work in the room on the opposite wall? There is also a long timber study bench to the right (can't see in the photo) which is attached to a dark grey wall and a zebra hide rug on the floor.

I'd love your thoughts, advice, suggestions :)

FloxP 5 years ago
had a look at the photos. Yes, I think I personally know what I would add or change.
Colour, you need pops of colours as nothing stands out to me.
Books: They would look better as a stack of 3 than spread like this, in my opinion.
Frames: yes, plonk a large piece scale one then maybe use the smallers ones you have already around and overlap on front of a larger one. I have seen it done loads on deco blogs and it always works.
Height: as you said yourself, we have a height problem, vary height, volume size etc. Like the flowers, they could look much brighter and bold and possibly go bigger with the bouquet or vase.
Abi as said all this many times, and I am only remembering her tips, and in this occasion I think they apply.
Never too much art in one room:)
FXOX 5 years ago
I'd stack the books and add different heights of objects . Also consider grouping things rather than putting them in lines:-)

Oh and one other thing - a funky big bold painting on the wall behind! :-)

good luck!!
obscurious1 5 years ago
Hi Angel, I like the way that Abigail places something on top of piles of books (a little ornament, vase etc.) - it adds more interest (and height). I also like her advice on looking at a vignette from across the other side of the room - if you can't make out what the objects are they are probably too small. Your vignette is nice but to make it WOW you need to follow the great advice from the previous guys. Also, don't lose heart it's a learning process and experimenting is what it's all about. Listen to everyone's adivce but most of all do what the hell makes you feel great.

When you've done your magic post the result - I'd love to see what you've done.

Good luck
Angelinheels 5 years ago
Thanks for all your advice. Will post more photos once I have reconfigured :)
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