Sparker25 11:06pm, 14 June 2013
Hi everyone
I want to try out painting a room dark..hubby is not convinced so I need to get it right first time to be able to do anymore! My problem is that I dont know which room to try...a sunny and bright room or a room on the dark side of the house or maybe the hallway which has no windows so is naturally dark. In New Zealand so do get quite a bit of sun! Would love to know your thoughts.
Also regarding painting cielings out..... our house is 100 years old and has beautiful pressed tin doesnt seem right to paint them out and make them blend in when they are such a feature. Has anyone else painted feature ceilings out and how do you feel about it now!
Thanks everyone
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
Love beautiful tin ceilngs and personally I wouldn't paint its about the only exception I make they are so cool. In terms of what room any will look amazing whether its a room with sun or a hallway. Personally I would go with a room where you have quite a few accessories as the transformation is amazing and it makes them really stand out. As hallways generally don't you wontt get the same effect unless yours does of course. Let me know how it goes you will not regret it and hubby will love it x
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