dor_26 9:30pm, 14 June 2013
Hello guys!

I have an Ikea furniture (MALM bed) which I'd really love to paint an inky hue ( bought last year so Im a little bit scared that I might ruin the furniture.) I know that Ikea stuff are made of melamine instead of real wood which makes it a different case as i can't sand the surface can I? And i also heard that its surface is covered by some kind of plastic so the paint won't last for long time and it will look cheap if I repaint will be easily demaged, scratches will apper easily and the surfice will never be smooth and glossy (as in my head.) is that true??
Have you ever tried to paint IKEA stuff? Any tips?? :)

I'd also like to spray paint a side table found in flea market but i have never done that before. Is sanding furniture really that hard work which takes up lots of time??
What type of paint do you reccomend?

Have a lovely weekend everyone:)
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
It doesn't really work painting Ikea furniture because of the finish unless its something like a little table that you don't use on a daily basis - I fear with your bed it will scratch up and mark. You could try it out on a small ikea piece - sand first, prime and then apply the top coat and see how it goes but not that hopeful I hate to say.

Sanding furniture is pretty key because the paint adheres to it better and it really doesn't take that long - you are just basically keying or roughing up the surface so your spray paint will adhere. Prime after sanding then spray.
Let us know how it goes - very exciting
dor_26 5 years ago
Thank you Abigail for the tip...good thing that i havent started to do the bed;) one more question: what kind of paint shall I use with an electric spray paint? Are there any paint specially for furniture or are those paints fine which we would paint walls with?? Xx
AbigailAhern 5 years ago
For spraying furniture you will need eggshell or gloss for wood as its more hard wearing. When I did it it clogged up the sprayer though so you might need to thin down with white spirit. It takes a bit of practice so if you don't spray it evenly the first time don't give up you will soon get the hang of x
dor_26 5 years ago
Thanks Abigail! I'll try my best. xxx
heffalump100 5 years ago
I found this article today - might be helpful?
dor_26 5 years ago
Thank you that is a huge help!!
nathaliegeorge 5 years ago
I found Bullseye 123 primer worked perfectly for laminate wardrobe doors. 5 years on an still look perfect. Used eggshell paint over primer.
samkendrick67 5 years ago
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