mon715 9:20pm, 24 June 2007
T-minus 5 days until the iphone is released!! I'm getting excited! Who is here getting one? Where will you go to get it: the Apple store or AT&T?
Honoo Flammen 11 years ago
What's an iPhone?
jjonathan 11 years ago
I'd love to get one but we gotta wait a couple more month over here in Europe. :s
Computer Science Geek PRO 11 years ago
What's an iPhone?
egorgry 11 years ago
I never buy gen 1 products. I'll wait until the buzz dies down and they work out the kinks.
AhRan2 11 years ago
Kinks, defective parts you bet ya! The bane of 1st gens.
Adventures of Tintin 11 years ago
wait for google phone.
Honoo Flammen 11 years ago
Computer Science Geek wrote
What does that do?
UltraNEO* 11 years ago
Dunno what's with all the hype??
It's nothing but shear hype!!!

Umm.. Let me see..
What special features does it have?
Oh Yes..

No high speed internet,
No 3G!
No eWallet
No iMode
No Streaming TV!!
No Multi MegaPixel Camera
No QR reader
No QR generator

Oh, but you do get Lame buggy Apple warranty with no spillage cover (and it's a cellphone) It's nothing more then a smart OS with a Shiny dick.

Umm.. It's ten years too late,
some of us are using 3G now...
with digital television broadcasts, live on our handsets.

Think, I'll stick to my Sharp phone.
Thanks all the same.
Honoo Flammen 11 years ago
UltraNEO* wrote
Think, I'll stick to my Sharp phone.
I don't understand. Why would you wnat a phone that hurts you? I'm confused!
Accesorios Belmont 11 years ago
maybe me if iphone come to mexico..
overt shoe [deleted] 11 years ago
I wish, but they are not selling in Brazil...
giddy wool [deleted] 11 years ago
I watched the video, contemplated getting one then realised that it doesn't actually do anything that I cant do already with my various gadgets...

And what phone comes WITHOUT a camera now-a-days..?!
egorgry Posted 11 years ago. Edited by egorgry (member) 11 years ago
I'm pretty sure the iPhone has a 5 mp camy cam. I'm not big on phones or features or networks of that sort but if I had to my choice I'd get a nokia N95.

it's a 2 mp camera
iPhone specs

Nokia N95 specs
AhRan2 11 years ago
Apple is a marketing genius...
UltraNEO* 11 years ago
@Honou Flammen

Sharp 携帯電話
Honoo Flammen 11 years ago
(from the linked web page)


Can anyone translate that from leetspeek into english? I don't know what W51SH means! I thought we were talking about phones.
Svetlana Gladkova 11 years ago
Any of you geeks interested in getting an iPhone absolutely for free? We at Profy are giving away 5 of them this summer (here you will find the conditions if interested).
giddy wool [deleted] 11 years ago
There was nothing about the cam on the 20 min video I watched. Said everything else it possibly could about it the phone though.
djloche PRO 11 years ago
i want flickr pictures of people who have it !
Honoo Flammen 11 years ago
Svetlana Gladkova wrote
Any of you geeks interested in getting an iPhone absolutely for free?
Sorry, i'm only interested in tall singles. Do you have any of those?
emertont 11 years ago
I'm looking to find a site that gives me an iPhone for free, just by signing up to a few sites. If only they'd advertise themselves - life would be SO much better... :-)
sandrino PRO 11 years ago
I got mine yesterday. I only waited two hours to get inside the store.
Svetlana Gladkova Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Svetlana Gladkova (member) 11 years ago
@Honou: That's a peculiar interest you have, these days the majority of people only want iPhones, nothing else :)
RichSeattle PRO 11 years ago
So I heard they had sold out the first shipment. Over 500k units for an estimated $250M. Not bad considering it isn't the latest or greatest in technology and reports had it that 100k of them couldnt even be activated over the weekend.
fretful year [deleted] 11 years ago
Personally i am waiting for the second revision because although the iphone is smart, the specs are really low especially by the standard we are currently getting in europe.

3G, better camera (4mp+), support for mp3 ringtones and none of this locked in provider / activation rubbish the US has had forced on them and I would certainly want one.
Marc-HongKong 11 years ago
In Hong Kong we don't have a choice. It won't be here 'til next year so by then we'll know all about it. :)
ganuullu 11 years ago
i do not know what about india.
spookyh 11 years ago
i would love to get one but i think we in India will have to wait atleast a year and half before we get it here.
PitiedMonkey 11 years ago
No.. in the UK its so expensive, afraid I will have to stick with my Windows Mobile for now.
i got an itouch
accessible name [deleted] 11 years ago
Errr, I got mine since last August... Am still very satisfied. ^^
ovomac 11 years ago
I think we all WANT an iPhone...
It's just a matter of who NEEDS an iPhone...
MrDAT 11 years ago
I love my Treo. I'm a Windows developer so I can write stuff for it.
jojobean2020 PRO 10 years ago
I got one the day they came out. Not something I would normally do. What can I say.. I love my Iphone. Yes it has several cons... the size is a pain. I managed to put a deep scratch in the screen but it didn't produce a 'spider' like crack, so apple replaced it on the spot.
At times it can be slow. I also agree you can get other guagets that do the same. For me it's a very expensive toy that has come in very handy.
Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Steven Ford / snowbasinbumps (member) 10 years ago
LOVES my iPhone. It's a computer in your pocket. I use G5-16gigs (nothing can touch that) wacom tablet, G4 laptop, coolest for presentation in Leopard especially...Leopard positively Rocks, and now my iPhone, but it all in my pocket, love to watch the graphics of music on that big screen! 8 Gigs of Songs is everything I need along with GoogleMaps anytime I hit a motel with wireless anywhere, and my DOEs high speed internet, it's hooked to my comcast TV wireless. Everything I could hope for.
I'm not getting an iPhone cause I don't like the way Apple locks their devices.
This is something I'm looking forward to though:

Open Source Phone... rawk0r.
morganglines 10 years ago
I'm excited about the (Openmoko) Neo Freerunner! After using my (locked down) enV and a (mostly open) N800 palmtop, an extensible computer/phone is much more appealing than a media player/phone, even if it is a very nice media player.
Pixel Fantasy 10 years ago
The iphone is nice but i'd rather get an ipod touch and ride this locked non-3G iphone thing out
In Belgium they are actually selling hacked iPhones in telecom shops now. So funny, and they claim it's all legal.
Without the hack you can't operate them on the Belgian mobile networks btw.
UltraNEO* 10 years ago
I'm very happy with my keitai thanks, got myself a free upgrade all courtesy of docomo points... have since purchased and installed a 16Gb MicroSD card for media. It's security features blows any iPhone outta the sea! Plus there's a lovely camera!

docomo f906i
AhmetYILDIRIM 9 years ago
iphone sucks!
symbian rocks!
symbian is the best mobile OS for smartphones.
How about Android? Is anyone having one of those phones?
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