second flock [deleted] 8:06am, 19 June 2006
While my vi vs emacs thread didn't succeed in creating the flamewar I'd imagined ( ;) ) I'm hoping more for this thread... :)

KDE/Fluxbox for me. :D

Edit: It's taken me 5 months but I finally noticed the spelling mistake in the title.
Computer Science Geek PRO 12 years ago
Gnome, but I'm open. I hear XFCE 4.4 is gonna look sweet.
StubbsUK 12 years ago
I use KDE atm, but I have Fluxbox, Blackbox & XFCE installed :-)

I've also had Enlightenment r17 installed in the past and DAMN that's going to be one hell of a wm when it's finished. I just wonder if they have the resources behind it to get it out of the door before KDE4 ... ?
second flock [deleted] 12 years ago
I've been having a look at E17 as well and it is shaping up to be a very impressive WM. Even for it's eyecandy alone it's well ahead of the competition.

I'm also looking forward to seeing how well KDE4 is going to shape up.

Though I used to prefer simpler desktops like Fluxbox and cousins I've moved onto KDE now as I'm getting lazy.
plain market [deleted] 12 years ago
Gnome. And when i really want to be geeky then i choose evilwm
hellomars 12 years ago
I like Fluxbox and would've sticked with it were it not for the lack of sound support (or did I screw something up??)

I'm switching between XFCE and Gnome these days...

Heard about the Rox Desktop the other day...will give it a try...
egorgry 12 years ago
in the 8 years I've been using linux I think I've tried 80% of the WM out there. I was an e16-17 guy for a while then I switched to gnome with xgl and compiz. it's so sexy and it runs just fine. I'm not partial to any particular one but everytime I try KDE I just can't believe how much I hate it but I try it with every major release.
~gionn 12 years ago
XFCE is the WM of the future... Less memory waste and strong enhancements :D
clever grain [deleted] 12 years ago
Gnome and MANY consoles :D
sleepyinnaptown 12 years ago
KDE and SimplyMEPIS FTW!
enchanted home [deleted] Posted 12 years ago. Edited by enchanted home (member) 12 years ago
Gnome is starting to look decently slick and work decently well despite certain items such as removal of extra configurability in gconf. So it has my interest.

On slower machines, XFCE when absolutely needed. Though it's way too ugly and in that case I'd prefer to stick to the console. XFCE is rather usable but it just needs a push.

I used to run blackbox/fluxbox ... but then, I was young and naive. It *does* look cool though.

I flirted with ratpoision (the GUI equivalent of 'screen') for about a day. That didn't last long.
overdrive_cz 12 years ago
XFCE+terminals :)
Dont like KDE, dont like GNOME. KDE is much like windws by design, GNOME have too moch configuration under clik icons, config fies are crazy.
Am going to switch again, because XFCE config files are crazy too. My next step will be e17 or fluxbox.
systemcharlie 12 years ago
Plan 9!
egorgry 12 years ago
If you're serious I bow to you. Do you happen to work for AT&T?
tokyo_ 12 years ago
KDE is evil!! lol jk

i prefer gnome

xfce is nice, not feature rich enough for my tastes though.
enchanted home [deleted] 12 years ago
FWIW, gnome was exhibiting some oddball issues undocked with my T43 recently -- keybindings being all screwed up, video worse -- and xfce has none of these issues. I may put up with xfce for the near term.
viewpoint heuristics 12 years ago
ubuntu + gnome for every day desktop use -- photos, web browsing, chatting.

gentoo + ion for work / getting things done
zedworks 12 years ago
fluxbox. my pentium-m laptop is choking on most of the bigger stuff (gnome et al) if I'm running more than a few apps and I'm too lazy to try the rest of the lighter stuff :-)

at home mostly gnome. or (gosh!) Windows XP :P

If one isn't a desktop-eyecandy-addict I don't really think it makes much of a difference anyway. Browser, xmms, various terminals work almost everywhere just the same. What else does one need? :-)
Lauro Moura 12 years ago
Currently GNOME, but I'm used to KDE and fluxbox also. When I want to be geeky I switch to a terminal and start playing nethack. =)
thepatrick PRO 12 years ago
Who uses a window manager under linux? Surely screen should be all you ever need :)

But if I have to then it's gnome (being one of those people who has an irrational hatred of KDE)
jimbo2150 12 years ago
Gnome, but I have used KDE (and am considering switching to it at next distro jump). I have seen XFCE but think it is mainly for slower computers and those who want an older-looking interface.
andomonir 12 years ago
Gnome - good looking, great API. Unfortunately, big time bloatware.

When I'm running thin I use fuxbox/XFCE.

KDE is bloaty and ugly, and based on a non-free library, so not good IMHO. :)
quaint car [deleted] 12 years ago
KDE or Fluxbox depending on mood and what I need to be done.
acercanto 12 years ago
I used to be an Enlightenment 16 guy, and tried 17 out for a bit, but then I found out that FVWM can be really pretty, and now I'm a total convert. ;-) 12 years ago
What the hell is this bullshit window manager crap!
Hardcore Shell for me only!
Harry Lachenmayer 12 years ago
fluxbox ftw!
bma4573 12 years ago
KDE all the way!!
second flock [deleted] 12 years ago
"KDE is bloaty and ugly, and based on a non-free library, so not good IMHO. :) "


Qt has been GPL'd for years -
нawк 12 years ago
I have been known to use Motif.
Pure White Photography 12 years ago
XFCE, and lots of terminals :p
(And XFCE isn't ugly, if you think it is, skin it, or get the latest version from SVN. I'm sure releases are decent as well, but I live on the edge. It's been pretty for a long time now.)
pyota 12 years ago
gnome but using some kde apps. both are good, its hard to choose.
halcyon9tom 12 years ago
I use KDE, personal preferance.
I hear Gnome has better hardware support
Pure White Photography 12 years ago
I struggle to see how using Gnome or KDE changes hardware support or app selection. Using all of these WM's, you can use GTK, QT, Motif etc etc apps, all without a problem. And hardware support? If your talking about responding to hotplug events, then it still comes down to kernel's for hardware support, and it's just what the GUI provides for you to do with that hardware.
swytch7 12 years ago
KDE for me
sirex 12 years ago
Gnome at home, and Fluxbox at work.
vext01 PRO 12 years ago
CDE or KDE. Why do you want a flame war? The best way to do that is to ask which operating system is best ;)
Maurizio Zanetti 12 years ago
jmkogut Posted 11 years ago. Edited by jmkogut (member) 11 years ago
I was a Gnome fanboy for the longest time, until I tried Xfce and found it to be faster and far more powerful.

(Note: I have the KDE and Gnome libs emerged, I love all the apps)
This question is hurting my Windows(tm) brain!
First I have to choose between a bunch of *nix distro's, and when I finally made my choose I have to choose between a GUI's as well?

Why does everything have to be so hard on Linux/Debian/BSD...


For now I'm strugling with Gnome on Ubuntu.
jmkogut 11 years ago
Choice isn't hard, it's freedom \o/
magnificent afterthought [deleted] 11 years ago

Lol ignore me
magnificent afterthought [deleted] 11 years ago
Actually, the only version of Linux I've tried is DSL (Damn Small Linux) I ran from a CD. Maybe I didn't give it a chance, but I didn't really get it. Microsoft may be a huge heartless corporation, but its operating system is one I know and love.
se7en9057 11 years ago
As long as it has xgl running who cares
(Desktop's on a cube go!!!!)
Br3nda PRO 11 years ago
wibble wobble!!!!
gerwinin 11 years ago
Gnome , although as long as it is linux it is okay
lofwyr_ 11 years ago
KDE roxx :)
jutefutfut 11 years ago
Beryl, which is sadly semi dependent on gnome or some equally gay alternative.
E17 is still one of the best window managers I've seen come out in a while, but the enlightenment team has never been known to be quick.

I agree with thepatrick for the most part though, screen really is all you ever need. (But viewing flickr with lynx sucks ;))
Br3nda PRO 11 years ago

i love that windoze users look at my machines and have no clue how to drive it.

i alse use katapult as a launcher.
Br3nda PRO 11 years ago
jutefutfut - try out "elinks". a console browser that ever so much better than lynx.
____v 11 years ago
gnome on gentoo :)
IchbininWin 11 years ago
Ok...let´s say KDE. I love to love the loveable KDE, wich is on the top of my Debian. Thumbs up for Debian too!!. The killer apps are on KDE.
lovely wash [deleted] 11 years ago
love my Compiz on KDE when I'm not using Fluxbox or connecting from the Mac through VNC...
Harrison / Peppery 11 years ago
Gnome, however I like XFCE for lower spec systems.
osde8info 11 years ago
XUBUNTU with XFCE is perfect for PII & PIII notebooks with only 128M
fluttering year [deleted] 11 years ago
KDE rocks! it has really cool apps and it makes your life a wee bit easier. :P
*manci* 11 years ago
My first linux distro was Opensuse, but I didn't like its aesthethics, even having great apps like k3b or amarok. Now I use gnome on Ubuntu and I am very satisfied with it and its apps.
Marc-HongKong 11 years ago
I'll use Gnome until KDE4 emerges then we'll see. It looks really cool though.

Hey, cool desktop ~jag~ btw
Diego Bouhot 11 years ago
I had KDE for a while.

Now I'm using Gnome.

Take a look at my desktop.

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