leahmcleahson 11:18pm, 6 August 2005
i'm wondering what browser everone out there uses.

as for me, it's firefox. tabs rock my world.

hherbzilla 13 years ago
Scooter Simpson 13 years ago
Firefox...and occasionally Safari. i'm so used to Firefox, the small differences in Safari bug me.
brad.mcnally 13 years ago
chief edge [deleted] 13 years ago
Firefox rulez¡¡¡¡
fill3r 13 years ago
Firefox, but not with that crazy theme you've posted. ;)
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
yes, we only have IE at school and it drives me nuts. at least safari has a google search bar!

and i love love love my theme!
VivaAntarctica 13 years ago
Fox o' fire.....
Abdul Mueid 13 years ago
FireFox... I have memorized almost all keyboard shortcut by now :P
Also the extension rock!
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
@leahmcleahson: If you are allowed to use USB drives at your school, you should look into a portable version of Firefox! Many of popular extensions work on it as well. This is a handy tool for anyone who is restricted to IE.
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
hmmm, i'll have to look into that, that's pretty nifty
_sarchi PRO 13 years ago
firefox with the latest update..v 1.0.4
but I hadn't thought of useing the mobil version in that way..thanks for mentioning eshm
Computer Science Geek PRO 13 years ago
Actually, Firefox has been at 1.0.6 for at least two weeks now.
firefox fo shizzle,
it rawks alright :)
Jimi.B 13 years ago
I use K-Meleon, Firefox and IE... some sites won't display well (or at all) because they code strictly for IE. It sux, but that's life.
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
yeah, it's a shame about ie being the "default" browser.
chem∂ 13 years ago
13mx 13 years ago
Fire 'Fizzle Fo Shizzle my Nizzle.(lol)it really doesn't look right when you write it. Firefox is by far the best
maizers 13 years ago
that theme is tite. i use firefox
frnch 13 years ago
Jimi.B 13 years ago
@leahmcleahson: K-Meleon is a mozilla-based browser like Firefox, except it's a lot more lightweight. Nice no-frills tabbed browser.
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
man, i thought there'd be a lot of firefox, but i didn't think it would be this much.

thanks, i like my theme too.

and i'm learning new stuff already from everyone.

i heard the next ie is coming with tabs and is going to have an msn search bar. lame.
Abdul Mueid 13 years ago
yeah, that's IE 7. I guess it's just another attempt by MicroCrap to make themselves look better... they wont make it.
maizers 13 years ago
someone told me bill named his corporation after his peepee
Abdul Mueid 13 years ago
hahha... good one lemai. Micro + Soft peepee :P
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
Jimi.B 13 years ago
Now to play devil's advocate, what's wrong with Internet Explorer? (version 6)

As a Firefox user (except at work), I use Firefox primarily because I have a soft spot for the underdog, and well, it works pretty damn good too. But I hold the opinion that IE is not a piece of junk. Try Netscape if you want a stinky load dumped on ya, or even worse, try an AOL reincarnation to give you a severe bout of nausea.

Now, I'm not asking why Firefox is better than IE (because it is in so many ways), I just want to hear what others think about IE in and of itself, and what makes it "crap software".
2 words...

tabbed browsing

although i'm finding this is makeing gds consume over a gig in resources...but google's on the job.
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
it crashes
I don't use IE because:
- it's not as secure because it still is the most used browser and is thus most targetted by hackers
- it doesn't allow the amount of control and customisation a geek like myself wants from software (about:config and firefox plugins).

Otherwise IE doesn't suck, but I also like to use underdog-products myself. It's like wanting to be different from the masses I guess.
I don't eat at McDo, I don't wear Von Dutch t-shirts, and I don't surf with IE... :)
I also like the master password feature,

I can set up different passwords for different sites and have firefox recalls them all, yet it will then still ask me for a master password.(If i so choose to set one up)

Then place by finger on the biometric scanner and voila.
Windows Machine:
Firefox 1.x
Mozilla 1.x
IE 5.0,5.5,6.0


Guess what my job is?
@otomo: Professional schizophrenic?

My real guess is web designer.
griffjon 13 years ago
IE sucks because it doesn't support all the crazy wonderful plugins! WebDeveloper toolbar to begin with, or adblock! Also, I just don't trust the darned thing; it's been so buggy and poor with privacy for so long...

I've been using firefox since it was Mozilla .6, tho, my opinions are biased...
VivaAntarctica 13 years ago
I also enjoy the "block images" feature,

I block images from ad servers and voila
significantly less ads.
mundane plant [deleted] 13 years ago
IE 6.0.2900 Is my choice.

I work as a web developer/programmer and IE is a requirement because no other browser (including FF) can handle enterprise web applications the way IE can. FF is out of the big league for now, and that's just the way it's gonna be especially when IE7 hits the market.

Please do understand that I'm not trying to say that FF is bad - it's not just ready for the big league. It's cool for surfing and some more heavy-duty websites, but it still has to grow.
Scooter Simpson 13 years ago
well what sort of "enterprise web applications" is it running? ActiveX stuff? ASP stuff? Because i build enterprise web apps all the time, and every single one of them is developed on firefox.
Jimi.B 13 years ago
Well, thanks for the arguments for and against IE. I wanted to hear what peopele thought, and why some consider IE a piece of crap. Most of what I hear is really just bias against MS rather than actual valid complaints against the software.

However, I think that IE (v6+) is a fine browser. I personally use Firefox at home for most of my web surfing, but our corporation strictly sticks with IE. I have not experienced a crash for as long as I can remember, and I don't have any problems with privacy, ads, or pop-ups (due to XP SP2 update). They actually praise the abilities of the IEAK, and can manage a large corporate environment quite easily. There's a reason most corporations use IE. If you're lazy about security and privacy from a habitual standpoint, then you can't go and blame your software.

As far as enterprise web applications go, most of our stuff is JSP/J2EE-based, and runs fine on both IE and Mozilla. The only difference lies in how each browser renders CSS/HTML, even if standards are adhered to. I can't see how IE is more robust unless you're developing things that are already IE-specific (or Mozilla-specific). And if so then of course one browser will come out on top. Also, when it comes to enterprise apps, you should know that there's going to be some computer-illiterate manager who doesn't give a hoot whether or not you code for IE, Mozilla, or Lynx for that matter. All they care about is that it works, and any complaints from users (valid or not) reflect poorly on you. So if Sally wants to run some report after she's gone home, and is using a browser that you didn't count on, and calls to complain, it doesn't matter what your specs are to most executives. To them, it's your job to make things work no matter what.
marked jar [deleted] 13 years ago
Firefox for me
MicheleM_ 13 years ago
Firefox on a Debian Linux workstation rulez :)
One of the pro's for FF is that as a professional web developer I use it to make sure my clientside javascript/dhtml tricks are standards compliant.
That way I know my code will work on a Mac, Linux and Windows PC without having to test on each platform & browser.

Well, this works most of the time anyway.. there are always exceptions to the rule of course :)

To Igor, there is nothing when it comes down to JavaScript/dhtml that you can do in IE and not in FF.
Look at Google or our very dear Flickr. All the neato trickery works fine in both browsers. You just have to abide to standard W3C specs instead of using MS only enhancements.
firewallender 13 years ago
Get Firefox!
niobite 13 years ago
The nice thing about web standards is that there are so many to choose from.

I use IE/Windows, Safari/Mac, and FireFox/Mac all the time.
mundane plant [deleted]
Plz dont get me wrong, I was just pointing out my (very subjective) thoughts on this subject.

Facts are that
1. FF currently works by the book (of standards that is), and
2. IE undoubtedly has it's quirks mode.
3. FF is (was) getting it's share of the market
4. IE has not been improved for past couple of years (Changes in SP2 are minor)

My point is that FF cannot beat IE due to multiple factors:

1. IE is mainly blamed for security holes, FF has them too and more will be found (Just like the one in the GreaseMonkey).
2. Constant patches and updates for IE are big turn-off too, but as much as I can see FF is going the same way.
3. IE is blamed for not working by the book wich will be (hopefuly)
fixed in IE7.
4. (EDITed: I forgot about this one) IE is blamed for not having tabbed browsing - IE7B1 has tabs

FF grabed about 8% of the market, but last reports show that that 8% are declining, just in July FF lost 1% .... how long will it hold up we shall see.

So, like I already said, I support FF for surfing. I use it to surf sometimes (or doublecheck if everything works the way it should), but I dont see it coming in to the big league, not anytime soon.

Anyway, this is just _personal_ view of the situation :))
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
look what i have started!!

*hangs head in shame*
I would say Firefox wins this one, no? At least in this thread, and I suspect any group of self-proclaimed geeks. And who give's a rat's ass if they win any popularity contests! It rocks, so I use it.
Lukky Q.E.D. 13 years ago
Btw, am I the only one who noticed that this thread is titled "browers"? I think we may be having the wrong conversation all together :P
leahmcleahson 13 years ago
i didn't even notice that until now. but i fixed it!
Jedinate 13 years ago
My Default browser is FireFox, I use the newest Opera, 8.02, as a backup since it can display pages as either Mozilla or IE and has tabbed browsing.

Being a browser whore, I also have Netscape 8.0, Mozilla 1.7.7, Kmeleon .09 and of course IE.
Andrew* 13 years ago
Firefox and Flock

although flock is not quite ready for the mainstream, jsut not good enough performance yet, but otherwise its great!

Built-in support for flickr too!!
/J PRO 13 years ago
Still using Netscape 7.2 but I do realize its high time to find a newer browser.

I really miss the alt-scrollwheel (forward/backward history) function in both NS 8 and Firefox.
Vinnn Posted 13 years ago. Edited by Vinnn (member) 13 years ago
Opera at home on Linux
Firefox in work on Windoze
fair throne [deleted] 13 years ago
Windows: FireFox

Mac: Flock or Camino
Old Shoe Woman PRO 13 years ago
amazing holiday [deleted] 13 years ago
kenwood 13 years ago
Windows: Firefox or Flock
Linux: links or firefox
Mac: Safari, Firefox or Flock

It's more funny when you can choose.
But I prefer Firefox anyway
splendid iron [deleted] 13 years ago
Firefox and IE for testing PRO 13 years ago
I hate Tabs. But firefox it is.
a11sus 13 years ago
Not many on Safari then? I am. It came default on the Powerbook. I like it - didn't take long to get used to it.

I had to go to my pc for the first time in 4 months yesterday and could not understand it at all! Doesn't take long to forget old habits!
djloche PRO 13 years ago
physical cough [deleted] 13 years ago
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spiffy step [deleted] 13 years ago
FireFox for surfing and IE for Project Server integration and stuff like that at the office.

I just love things like tabbed browsing and the search engines in Firefox (like the Flickr tags engine) but sometimes I have no choice but to use IE at work when it comes to integration with other Microsoft products.

I'm not saying IE sucks, but I think the features on Firefox are a lot more creative and useful then any other browser I have used.
noisy actor [deleted] Posted 13 years ago. Edited by noisy actor (member) 13 years ago
Firefox for surfing, Safari for experimentation.
Waiting for Flock to have a non beta release.
unclesond 12 years ago
Firefox for everything, and then always check any web design on IE, and Safari if I get hold of a mac
vonKinder 12 years ago
firefox rulez
saska01 PRO 12 years ago
Late to the party, but to address a few points -

I use Firefox at home, but lately I've been really disappointed with the memory consumption and bloat from it. I think I'm going to give K-Meleon a try there.

At work I use IE7B2. It's obviously derivative (many features like those of Firefox) but it does work and it actually has less memory overhead than the current version of Firefox.

IE7 doesn't have an MSN search toolbar, it has a search toolbar that you can configure to use whatever search engine you want. And Google is preloaded in the list, which given the deathly rivalry between MS and Google is a pretty magnanimous thing.
Bijbeauvais 12 years ago
and Shiira
bored earthquake [deleted] 12 years ago
FFox 1.0.7 in here (Y)
Thomas Powers 12 years ago
Firefox for me too.
fretful year [deleted] 12 years ago
FireFox all the way. I've even converted a few people from IE to the Fox
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