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AMagill 5:26am, 12 July 2005
In my experience, many geeks have a tool that's special to them. I don't mean your computer or your PDA or a piece of software- I mean an actual hunk of metal or plastic that you use all the time.
My roommate has his Fluke multimeter, my Dad can do all kinds of cool stuff with his table saw, and me.. I never go anywhere without my Leatherman.
I've fixed so many things with my leatherman it's crazy. I rewired my parents' new house for phone and ethernet with nothing but my leatherman and a crimping tool. I've installed lights, disassembled and repaired a mouse, cut open every package I've got for the past few years, cut my nails, fixed the shoulder strap clip on some stranger's bag in the airport, fixed my glasses, made $40 repairing my friends' uncle's antique lamp, and more other things than I can remember.. with nothing but my leatherman.
It's taken a beating, been oiled once, resharpened twice, and still works as well as it does the day I bought it. Best $40 I ever spent.

What's your tool?
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago
I had always considered buying one of these. This post only feeds towards me getting one. Great work, and wonderful image.

Only problem is they run 50-55 out here in Wisconsin (United States)
griffjon 13 years ago
I've noticed almost every geek I know has the same 3 objects on their key rings:

A USB drive (may be on a lanyard)
An LED flashlight
A micra-style leatherman.
That includes me. I actually have two Photon IIs on my keyring- a red one (10x the battery life, doesn't destroy night vision) and a white one (lets you see color). I must have given them new batteries at least three times by now. (Proof: I've accidentally memorized what kinds of batteries they take- CR2032 for the red, and two CR2016s for the white)
As for the USB drive, I have my iPod Shuffle within arm's reach most of the time (it usually lives in my backpack).
Howard Dickins 13 years ago
1) 13mm rachet spanner/crescent wrench - because I've always owned & maintained old VWs. I don't use it as much as I used to though.
2) Nail clippers. So I can get comfortable with my keyboard.
3) You're right - a USB flash drive.
auspicious bubble [deleted] 13 years ago

I've got one too! But stopped carrying interesting things on my keychain because they're a problem at airport security.
Computer Science Geek PRO 13 years ago
Oh you mean something like this?
tacit watch [deleted] 13 years ago

Call it what you will, but without both of these, tools don't help much. With all these images of those tools, I'm going into town tomorrow to see what the market says in regards to prices. I haven't looked in over a year.
Martin Gordon PRO 13 years ago
I don't have one (yet), but I suppose it's probably a good idea to not leave this on your keychain while traveling because it will most likely get taken away by airport security. Has anyone ever lost one to TSA?
AMagill 13 years ago
I accidentally took mine (pictured up top) through airport security a couple months ago. I realized moments too late that I forgot to put it in my checked luggage.
Fortunately, one of the TSA people just dropped it in a FedEx envelope, had me fill out a form with my address and credit card number, and said they'd take care of it. I got it the next day ($12 later, but that's better than the alternative).
VivaAntarctica 13 years ago
1. Gerber
I've used this for about everything from wiring up outdoor speakers to minor surgery.
2. Med Pack
For when the Gerber is no where to be found
3. Thinkpad

I have these 3 items within 100 feet of me no matter where I go.


On my keychain I also have a Red LED flashlight, and a USB thumbdrive.
(a led flashlight/thumbdrive/keychain combo would be nice)

Once when on assignment I almost had by Gerber taken away. I put up a fight and pulled my papers and they let me through.
_escalade328s_ 13 years ago
minor surgery???
fuzztone 13 years ago
My favourite tool is inside my head.
VivaAntarctica 13 years ago
Only once...

Long story
My favorite tool has got to be my little .5 gig flashdrive. It's already paid for itself at least 20-30 times over, but that's only because I bought it on Black Friday...

By the way, I'm a long time lurker short time poster. Ocelli told me about this group.
enchanted home [deleted] 13 years ago
I don't understand the leatherman obsession, but I'm from the sticks...

I cary a very nice dual blade Benchmade Axis lock. It's for box cutting and fending off the QA team.

That, and of course the iPod. Hard rock and metal are definitely productivity tools :)
Jimi.B 13 years ago
I've always wanted a real Leatherman. Had a faux version a while ago, but it was too quirky.

I always have my USB drive, iPod Mini, and V710 cellphone with me at all times. However, those aren't tools as the original post was inquiring. I used to carry around a Swiss Army "Card", which is about as long and wide as a credit card. Not as thin though... stopped using it 'cause it made my wallet too fat, and gave my lower back bloody hell.
registerednerd 12 years ago
My best tool is a paperclip (sometimes two depending on the usage
second flock [deleted] 12 years ago
"That, and of course the iPod. Hard rock and metal are definitely productivity tools :) "

I agree. Nothing like a bit of Tool to get ya working.
sleepyinnaptown 12 years ago
I have a 14-in-1 multi-tool that I should carry around more often.
ademrudin PRO 12 years ago
Things I usually have in my pants at any time:

1. "utilikey" keychain tool: philips head, two small straight screwdrivers, bottle opener, serated and straight blades. Folds to look like a large-ish key. I've sneaked it through airport security so many atime.
2. Larger philips head screwdiver, perfect size for case and hard drive screws.
3. A T8 Torx screwdriver
4. Butane lighter with small LED flashlight.
5. USB flash drive.

Other important things usually found in my bag:

1. Bike repair multi-tool
2. Tire patch-kit
3. TI-83
4. PowerBook G3 "Pismo". 400MHz G3 and 1GB RAM
5. Crimper for ethernet cables
6. Multimeter
andomonir 12 years ago
My tools (never leave home without them):

1. 2GB memory stick with the Slax LiveCD,
2. 20GB Ipod 3rd gen with 3 Linux distro ISOs on it (plus music!)
3. MiniCD with Backtrack on it,
4. My ancient Stinkpad T22
5. Wifi hotspot sniffer
6. PSP for accessing "hotspots" in a hurry.
abundant wing [deleted] 11 years ago
Swiss army knife- 13 in 1 tool has saved me on multiple occasions
conscious basket [deleted] 10 years ago
immmm a real Geek not a fake one LOL
conscious basket [deleted] 10 years ago
R yall realllll nerds if soo thats sad
zcksjdn 10 years ago
I have the same Juice S2 knife, worth every dollar!
conscious basket [deleted] 10 years ago
You guys are ssooo sad NERD stands 4 Never Ending Radical Dude
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